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Neanderthals walked normally, upright, say researchers

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New upright reconstruction of a 60,000 year old skeleton/A. Gómez-Olivencia, A. Barash and E. Been

The skeleton was of a 32-year-old man:

Neanderthals walked upright, had spines straighter than those of modern man, would have been strong and sturdy, and breathed deeply from their bell-, not barrel-shaped ribcages, according to a recently published article written by an international team of scientists.

Busting open the myth of the arm-dragging, hunched-over caveman, the scientists, based at universities in Israel, Spain, and the United States, drew their conclusions from a recently completed 3D virtual reconstruction of the ribcage of the Kebara 2 skeleton — aka “Moshe” — the headless but almost complete Neanderthal remains unearthed in 1983 in a northern Israel cave.Amanda Borschel-Dan, “3-D model of Neanderthal rib cage busts myth of ‘hunched-over cavemen’” at Times of Israel

Hey, you heard it here first: No one evolved faster than the Neanderthal. In just a few short decades…

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nice, fits well w/ Torah Discovery Chronology when RCCF calibrated to 4123 YA as 'Mabul' 1656 anno mundi impacts year wash up but more likely post Mabul during the 1657-1996 The ice ages current consensus still dated 25M to 10k YA. Pearlman
"Visually, one clearly sees how the Neanderthal rib cage was broader at its base, with horizontal ribs, versus modern man’s angled ribs." From the superimposed part of the 3D picture, the "Neanderthal" ribcage just looks like a deep inhale, not a different anatomy. (I've made 3d animations of the ribcage for courseware, so I have a pretty good sense of its motions and limits.) Also, the mandible is amazingly well-preserved and looks strictly modern, complete with wisdom teeth. polistra

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