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New at Inference Review: On the Mind-Machine Problem

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Relying on Godel’s incompleteness theorems:

After all the tangle of modernism, Gödel left us as at the beginning: it is not merely that we cannot make a determination, but that even our most formal systems require faith—just like before modernism began. The last page of the story does not differ from the first, but it does force us to read it afresh. The incompleteness theorems “have changed how things are seen,” writes Berlinski. Before modernism, we sensed that we had no way of founding reason outside of faith. Now we know.

Daniel Andrés Díaz-Pachón, “On the Mind–Machine Problem” at Inference Review

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    polistra says:

    There’s a beautiful example of Gödel in today’s news. The people who have been telling us that “SCIENCE SAYS LOCKDOWNS” have now been Gödeled by their own Messiah. Ferguson broke his own lockdown rules to spend time with his girlfriend. In other words, SCIENCE SAYS “I’M NOT SCIENCE”.

    Unfortunately this won’t slow them down. Cults become MORE loyal to their Messiah when the Messiah fails or contradicts their own beliefs. Cognitive dissonance is the best source of loyalty.

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