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New book by German economist friendly to design in nature

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buch3d Top10 Economist Thomas Kotulla recently published a book in German, Die Begründung der Welt (The Reason for the World), in which he argues, “Existence demands a cause. The cause of the world has to be supernatural, otherwise it would simply be part of a cause-effect chain of events.” The brain by itself, he says, “cannot explain free will. Free will exists in the supernaturally existing soul.” Regarding Evolution he says, “The theory of Evolution is not capable of explaining (human) righteousness and selfless love.” The book is doing quite well among philosophical books published in German (one of the top ten in philosophy), and the English language site seems comprehensible.

In fact, we bet that when it is translated into English, it’ll have a different title from the current translation. 😉

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