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New Genes: Putting the Theory Before the Evidence

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Imagine that you have been falsely accused of a crime. The police department has identified you as the prime suspect and they are busy gathering as much evidence against you as possible. They have constructed a theory of your motivations and actions, and as they gather the evidence they interpret it according to their theory. Their process of working from a preconceived notion of your guilt leads the police investigators to explain even ambiguous or contradictory evidence in ways that support their theory. And so it is the theory that is informing the evidence, rather than the evidence informing the theory. As crazy as it sounds, this approach is standard for evolutionists and here are three recent examples dealing with protein evolution.  Read more

Thanks once again for the work you do Dr. Hunter: I find the last study you mentioned particularly interesting. 'New Genes' is an area that Dr. Nelson has been looking at for a few years now. ORFan Genes Challenge Common Descent - Paul Nelson - video http://www.vimeo.com/17135166 bornagain77

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