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New ID blog in Portuguese


Here is, I am told, a new ID blog in Portuguese . Paulo writes:

I have been reading some Intelligent Design blogs, like Uncommon Descent, Telic Thoughts, etc, for a long time.

I thought that portuguese speakers should have access to opinions and information about alternatives views to Darwinism too.

So, in 2007, I created a blog named Design Inteligente . It is in portuguese. Sometimes I translate others views from english, sometimes I post my own views. Recently I have talked about the misinformation on portuguese TV about Darwinism, sometimes creationism is referred as a danger to science, and Intelligent Design is presented as a form of creationism or it is simply ignored.

Well, good luck, Paulo. One problem today is that legacy media simply repeat whatever tax-funded Darwinists tell them. Critical questions like “Does the history of life really follow what Darwin said” [= no, it does not] never get asked. The fluff heads vie with each other to see who can be the most correct in endorsing legacy opinion.

Never mind. The good news is that, once you free yourself intellectually from that sort of thing – it’s a whole new world and it’s all yours.

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