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New Intron Research Reveals Same Old Contradictions

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In eukaryotes the DNA genes are sometimes interrupted by non coding segments. These intragenic regions, or introns, are cut out of the transcribed DNA before the copy is sent to the ribosome for translation into a protein. Naturally evolutionists have always believed introns are a result of evolution, but their explanations are strained. As one recent paper explained, understanding why such introns exist and their evolutionary origins is “a problem that has proved a conundrum for the past 30 years.”  Read more

3 Replies to “New Intron Research Reveals Same Old Contradictions

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    Upright BiPed says:

    “Under the notion of introns as fixed genomic segments, intron sliding is perceived as uncommon because it calls for the simultaneous occurrence of two mutations.”

    Hmmmm…seems like I’ve heard this somewhere else before, from a different researcher. But if I remember correctly, that researcher was bitterly attacked for even bringing it up.

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    Joseph says:

    Both splicing and editing require knowledge of what is to be editted and spliced.

    And there isn’t any evidence that demonstrates blind, undirected processes can produce such a system.

    However we do have direct observational evidence of intellignet agencies producing such a thing…

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    O'Leary says:

    “a problem that has proved a conundrum for the past 30 years.”

    One reason I got interested in this issue is that in virtually any viable field other than Darwinian evolution, if a problem has “proved a conundrum for the past 30 years,” people would be looking at other viable solutions.

    Maybe Darwin was wrong, just like some economic theory or climate change theory, or education theory might happen to be wrong.

    I first came to realize that Darwinism is the creation story of atheism for precisely that reason – what happens when people try to question Darwinism is approximately what happens when people question a religious doctrine in a closed society. Hence Expelled.

    The thing is, the evidence still shows it’s clearly not the main way evolutionary change takes place. And persecution doesn’t change that. It attracts more attention to the problem.

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