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New neurons in adult humans a myth?

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From Neuroskeptic at Discover:

In a new paper that could prove explosive, Australian neuropathologists C. V. Dennis and colleagues report that they found very little evidence for adult neurogenesis in humans.

… Dennis et al. don’t quite rule out all neurogenesis in adults. However, the authors say that if human adult neurogenesis takes place, it does so at an extremely low rate: relatively speaking, it’s about 10 times lower than the rate seen in adult rodents.More.

In that case, old neurons must be learning new functions because rehabilitation happens all the time.

See also: Birds have more neurons than primates do. It’s unclear how neurons relate to intelligence, exactly.

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Semi OT:
Without Free Will There Is No Justice - Michael Egnor – July 28, 2016 Excerpt: We are not meat robots. If we were meat robots, why would anyone listen to Jerry Coyne? "That does not mean, of course, that she shouldn't have been incarcerated for her crime. There are three reasons why even determinists favor incarceration: protection of society from an unreformed criminal, deterrence for others who see what will happen if they transgress, and reformation of the inmate so that they can be released..."  - Jerry Coyne - militant atheist There is a fourth reason for incarceration: justice. Notice that Coyne's three reasons are principles of animal training -- punish and intimidate the animals, and train the miscreant animal to behave differently. Coyne's system is appropriate to dogs and cattle. Justice, which is a principle appropriate to man, presupposes moral culpability, and thus presupposes libertarian free will. Coyne's system of human livestock management is not a criminal justice system at all. Even more disturbing is that Coyne's system of human husbandry is entirely compatible with preventative incarceration. After all, if there is no moral culpability, and the purpose of incarceration is to protect society, why not incarcerate people who are likely to commit crimes before they do it? Why wait for the crime, if social control is the objective? If the incarcerated person objects "But I'm not guilty of anything," the determinist reply is "No one is guilty of anything, and therefore no one is innocent. Guilt and innocence are meaningless without moral culpability. Control of behavior is what counts, and your behavior is best controlled by incarceration." Coyne's system is inherently totalitarian. The consequences of it are chilling. Coyne's denial of justice as a principle in jurisprudence has precursors in the great totalitarian systems of the 20th century, in which millions of innocents were incarcerated or worse without the determination of any actual guilt, for purposes of 'social control.' Under totalitarianism, there are no innocents. The goal of a totalitarian state is control, not justice. http://www.evolutionnews.org/2016/07/without_free_wi103030.html

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