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New Scientist: Was it a huge dose of dopamine that made us so smart?

File:Dopamine Pathways.png
dopamine pathways

From Andy Coghlan at New Scientist:

We may owe some of our unique intelligence to a generous supply of a signalling chemical called dopamine in brain regions that help us think and plan. Our brains produce far more dopamine in these regions than the brains of other primates like apes.More.

Naturalist ideology requires something like extra dopamine production to be seen as a cause, not an effect.  Of course, what we are really talking about is human consciousness, whose origin no one understands. And whatta feast of just-so science!

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TWSYF @5: They know it but they don't say it loud, hence their followers aren't aware of the fact that their ship is sinking. They're kept in obscurity. Some jumped out of the ship into a boat called 'the third way of evolution' and are rowing away from the sinking ship. However, the allegedly 'rescue boat' seems drifting away pushed by new discoveries. Definitely it's kind of bizarre, isn't it? Dionisio
ET @4: Oops! Did they miss that 'detail'? Don't say it loud. Don't spoil their excitement. :) Dionisio
A/mat philosophy/religion is in big trouble...and its apologists know it. Truth Will Set You Free
Wait- dopamine is useless unless there are existing, specific binding sites on the neurons (dopamine receptors). ET
Smart? Huh? Who? We? Are they kidding? We had paradise almost completely to our disposition and we exchanged it for pain, illnesses, death, wars and misery? Is that smart? Really? Better let's get back to where we once belonged. That would be smart. Super smart. Dionisio
Another dose of pseudoscientific hogwash? Dionisio
Oh, is that right? Really? Dionisio

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