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New university in Texas, aiming to restore scholarly debate, surviving so far


As a counter to Woke Uniquack U:

UATX’s forbidden courses program, which brought together undergraduates from leading colleges and universities, lived up to its name. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s course analyzed “key foundations of critical thinking, argumentation, reasoned debate, and freedom of expression, as these pertain to some of the most controversial issues of our day.” Students studied logical argumentation and read John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty in preparation for exploring theses like “Islam is a religion of peace” and “transgender women are women” from opposing perspectives. Kathleen Stock’s course on varieties of feminism examined “what kind of metaphysical and political subject is being implicitly conjured in the background under the heading ‘woman,’ and whether it is a coherent one.” Writer Thomas Chatterton Williams introduced his class to the “pain, rage, and hope of America’s most loyal critics,” including Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin. McCloskey’s course asked whether capitalism has been a tragedy or a triumph. Historian Niall Ferguson led an examination of free and unfree societies in the twentieth century…

The disarming power of culture was palpable. Students who had learned to hold their tongues in college classrooms poured forth their souls once the cork of wariness was unstopped.

Jacob Howland, “Reach For Your Culture at City Journal (July 1, 2022)

Of course, the establishment can always just refuse to recognize UATX’s degrees, in order to protect its own mediocrities. But eventually, it may come down to, who do you want to listen to? The people who did the homework or approved tokens? ‘Twas often thus.

Meanwhile, another prof explains why he’s just retiring:

Gradually, one hire at a time, practitioners of “critical” (i.e. far-left postmodernist) anthropology, some of them lying about their beliefs during job interviews, came to comprise the department’s most influential clique. These militant faculty recruited even more extremely militant graduate students to work with them.

Honestly, the “critical” profs may represent what the public really wants: In a world where a university degree is supposed to confer social status, they offer a way to get a degree by posturing for social justice without really learning a discipline. One effective tactic is to attack and destroy the standards that might be used to evaluate their performance.

The good effects will be felt now by the degree holders who get status jobs. The bad effects will be felt by others down the road, mostly by people who no longer matter or never did.

Seversky at 6, Woo hoo! I mean, that should be interesting. Or not. relatd
I see Richard Dawkins has joined the advisory board of UATX. That should inject a healthy dose of atheism. Seversky
Seversky at 4, You'll never get a job doing stand-up comedy. relatd
A large, black monolith? Seversky
"Now it could be argued very easily that human nature flows from the creator of humans. But that is not religious either." What? What does 'creator of humans' refer to? relatd
What universities deny
Dracula wakes up after a few hundred years and is in awe of a poorer-than-average British homeowner: Dracula: You’re clearly very wealthy. Kathleen: Wealthy? Dracula: Yes. Well, look at all this stuff. All this food. The moving picture box. And that thing outside. Bob calls it, um, a car. And this treasure trove is your house! Kathleen: It’s a dump. Dracula: Kathleen, I’ve been a nobleman for four hundred years. I’ve lived in castles and palaces among the richest people of any age. Never . . . never have I stood in greater luxury than surrounds me now. This is a chamber of marvels. There isn’t a king or queen or emperor that I have ever known who would step into this room and ever agree to leave it again. I knew the future would bring wonders. I did not know it would make them ordinary. The future has made wonders ordinary. Because the future is an empowered human environment in which fossil-fueled machine labor and freed-up mental labor can produce unimaginable amounts of value for us—and fossil fuel materials could make a modern “chamber of marvels” weatherized, insulated, sanitized, and decorated cost-effectively enough for the typical individual to afford.
From Alex Epstein’s “Fossil Future.” Interesting in Epstein’s book he argues for a morality that is not based on religion but on human nature. Now it could be argued very easily that human nature flows from the creator of humans. But that is not religious either though it is certainly a tenet of many religions. jerry
I believe Bari Weiss has something to do with university of Austin. https://marketrealist.com/p/university-of-austin-bari-weiss/ jerry

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