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New vid uses authentic clips to taunt Richard Dawkins for refusing to debate William Lane Craig

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This vid is a comic rip on the theme of Darwinian atheist Richard Dawkins framed as coward for refusing to debate Christian apologist William Lane Craig, on a United Kingdom speaking tour:

Voiceover: “It’s not often that one atheist accuses another of cowardice for refusing to debate a Christian; it’ even rarer when both are Oxford dons. Richard Dawkins is facing that accusation because he has turned down an offer to debate a man regarded by many as the world’s leading defender of Christian belief.”

The vid comes from sources partial to Craig, of course, but features many voiceovers from Dawkins, giving his reasons, as well as links below.

One reason Dawkins gives is that he doesn’t appear against professional debaters like Craig – a reasonable argument except that most key atheist luminaries have done so. True, it didn’t turn out too well for Larry Krauss but except for his torrent of post-debate whining, who even knew that Krauss thought he had lost? Dawkins himself has appeared against an odd assortment of people, detailed in the vid.

In sum, when Craig arrives at the hall on October 22, there will be a chair for Dawkins, whether he occupies it or not.

There is an online petition urging him to debate.

Some wonder about the timing: The Darwinism that made Dawkins feel himself to be an “intellectually fulfilled” atheist is crumbling, and many look to him to mount a ringing defense.

They may have to settle for the vid and an empty chair.

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4 Replies to “New vid uses authentic clips to taunt Richard Dawkins for refusing to debate William Lane Craig

  1. 1
    uoflcard says:

    Richard Dawkins is still the big name in atheism, but his theological ideas and theories have been rejected by the vast majority of academia for a long, long time. As Plantinga said, “… his forays into philosophy are at best sophomoric, but that would be unfair to sophomores …” Dawkins would be crushed by Craig; that is the reason he will not debate him.

  2. 2
    Mung says:

    I don’t understand the desire to have Dawkins debate Craig. I could defeat Dawkins in a debate. It’s like setting off a nuke to kill a fly.

  3. 3
    THEMAYAN says:

    Dawkins who in my opinion is philosophically bankrupt will find that there’s a big difference between debating someone in his comfort zone of cheerleaders, and debating someone on neutral ground, especially a man with the wit, knowledge and debating skills of Craig who also has a philosophical and theological background, and who doesn’t resort to nastiness. I’m sure Dawkins would personally finance the buses needed to shuttle in his many minions and followers.

  4. 4
    tragic mishap says:

    I hope Dawkins doesn’t show. That’s as good as admitting defeat without even trying.

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