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    blip says:

    Off topic except by way of contrasting the fact-fitting to theory typically found in evolutionary narratives vs the open ended approach of scientific discovery, there is this:

    “our complex genetic code is crafted with more intricate symmetry than just the double helix structure”

    Indeed. One thing clearly outpaces the wild growth of evolutionary tales: our growing knowledge of the vast information stores of life, precisely what remains forever outside the reach of evolution.

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    Latemarch says:


    The serendipity is deafening.

    Heh! Love it.

    If it had to be described in actual scientific, non-teleological, non-Aristotelian terms it wouldn’t be nearly as believable. But then faith and belief (as per your byline) is what it’s all about.

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    Edsword says:

    I wonder if the scientist that wrote this paper realized that he was just using pseudoscientific language to fool the uninitiated or if he really believed what he was writing? That’s the most difficult part to ascertain. It would be interesting to study his academic papers to see if this worked for him in his various courses as well. My guess is that it did. Even more worrisome, is how readily accepted were his papers and did his good marks for saying nothing with grand language actually fuel his belief that he was a great scientist and thinker?

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