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No hope for life on Venus but maybe Jupiter now…


Hope springs eternal:

“When we looked at the effective concentration of water molecules in those clouds, we found that it was a hundred times too low for even the most resilient Earth organisms to survive.” John Hallsworth, a microbiologist at Queen’s University in Belfast, U.K., and lead author of the paper, said in a news conference on Thursday (June 24). “That’s an unbridgeable distance.”

The findings are likely a disappointment for the Venus research community, which was invigorated last September by the discovery of phosphine, a compound made of atoms of phosphorus and hydrogen that on Earth can be associated with living organisms, in Venus’ atmosphere. At that time, researchers suggested the phosphines may be produced by microorganisms residing in those clouds.

Teresa Pultarova, “No hope for life in Venus clouds, but maybe on Jupiter, study suggests” at Space.com

Phosphine? Okay, here: Sabine Hossenfelder asks, whatever happened to life on Venus?


However, the researchers looked at data from other planets too and found that the clouds of Jupiter do provide sufficient water activity to theoretically support life. Data collected by the Galileo probe at altitudes between 26 and 42 miles (42 and 68 kilometers) above the surface of the gas giant suggest the water activity value to sit at 0.585, just above the survivable threshold. Temperatures in this region are also just about survivable, at around minus 40 degrees F.

Teresa Pultarova, “No hope for life in Venus clouds, but maybe on Jupiter, study suggests” at Space.com

If we could only just find one surviving life form — even if it came from Earth.

Nixon saw space as a waste of resources, but were already there. He never understood it's importance. When the astronauts were almost lost, Nixon used it as an opportunity to kill the program. He justified it by going with the shuttle. Killing the program that had gotten us to the moon and back several times was a betrayal to those astronauts and those working at NASA. BobRyan
There wasn't any "betrayal" by Nixon. There were complaints that ALL of the Astronauts were White males, and this was caused by using Jet Test Pilots as the recruiting pool. There were of course ZERO female Jet Test Pilots, but the bigger problem was that the BEST Afro Test Pilot placed somewhere around #25 in the evaluations. And DoD and NASA BOTH said that they weren't going to jump a 3rd rate pilot to the top of the list. So the answer was The Space Shuttle, which could be flown by any pilot who could fly a 737. And the "mission" of the Space Shuttle would be to haul stuff into orbit to build The Space Station. And the "mission" of the Space Station was to provide a DESTINATION for the Space Shuttle. The Bureaucrats LOVED it, but of course the Space Shuttle program used ENTIRELY different technology, and so the ENTIRE Moon program died. This included the Saturn booster program, and so USA ain't even GOT a large BOOSTER any more. There's a book about this, but I don't see my copy laying around. mahuna
Had there not been the betrayal by Nixon, which is what he did when he killed the existing program in exchange for shuttles, we would already be on the moon and the clouds of Venus with far more successful landings on Mars. As bad as Nixon's betrayal was, it pales in comparison to Obama's, who took away any means for Americans to send Americans into space. We were left with bribing the Russians, which made Putin quite a bit of money. BobRyan

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