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No, those fast radio bursts are not aliens


It’s more that media have a lot a time to kill between scandals and elections:

For the first time, a fast radio burst (FRB) has been detected emitting in a pattern – a 16-day cycle, with four days of intermittent bursts and 12 days of silence.

We still don’t know what causes these extremely powerful, millisecond blasts of radio waves from up to billions of light-years away. Most of them haven’t been detected repeating, most of them are wildly unpredictable, and only five out of over 100 have been traced to a source galaxy.

It’s proven extremely tricky to find a cosmic phenomenon that fits the profile of FRBs.

Michelle Starr, “The Repeating Signals From Deep Space Are Extremely Unlikely to Be Aliens. Here’s Why” at ScienceAlert

But magnetars are pretty close. For one thing, as Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)’s Seth Shostak points out, the bursts are from widely varying locations, which is unlikely unless the aliens inhabited the whole universe.

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Astronomer: We’re too dumb to think space object Oumuamua was an extraterrestrial lightsail.Hmmm. In the real world, when you are an only child so far as you know, it is hard to compare yourself to your siblings. Few readily accept criticism for failure to measure up to the standards of imaginary beings.

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The problem with SETI is that they are monitoring certain wavelengths from the EM spectrum because that is all we know of as yet, even though it is clear that using EM radiation for communicating over vast interstellar or even trans-galactic distances is hopelessly impractical for beings of our limited lifespans Seversky
Well, those repeating patterns could be a rotating star with different brightness on different parts. Or they could be a beacon. LIghthouses and buoys often repeat a pattern to identify the location, and radio beacons for aircraft do the same. Rotating star and beacon are equally likely until we get more evidence. polistra

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