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Non-science news re Darwin followers: PZ Myers no longer [hearts] Steve Pinker


File:A small cup of coffee.JPG We’ve done enough science news for one afternoon, so here is a scrap of total nonsense from our fave, PZ Myers at the Free Thought blogs:

Do these big name universities intentionally inculcate obtuseness, or do they select for neo-reactionary thinkers? Case in point: Steven Pinker promoting Christina Hoff Sommers.

What is this? Is he hoping that the flaming bigots of #gamergate will anoint him as Based Harvard Prof? It is impossible to take that hack Sommers seriously, unless you like that she supports your anti-feminist biases.

While we mop up and stock up here at UD News, you can check this spit war between Darwin’s followers for yourself. Hey, you might be paying both of their salaries, hard to say why.

Christina Hoff Sommers? Aw, beyond this, we dunno either:

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That guy Myers has done so much for us, doesn’t he deserve some kind of award?

Diogenes you make serious accusations that are absurd by any fair judgement. This is not a thread about God and women. Yet always God was just. If people were punished then they deserved it. Thats why all people would go to hell save for christs sacrifice on the cross in our place. if we believe it of coarse. christianity was the origin for justice in the presentt world and so including women. Yes christianity makes better men and so more just and kind toward women. YES its a liberal society that made women into sex objects and not into wives. Allowing women into the mans society is a gift and not a right of women. this gift also from a christian society. by the way I don't think women should be in the army or cops save in special operations! historic mankind did women and everyone wrong. Christian, since the reformation, did women and everyone much better and very well. Videos do sex object girls and thats wrong. yet-its fine to have them rescue girls. then marry them. Girls rescuing boys is silly and unnatural. its a myth. Robert Byers
Diogenes as a Christian, I sincerely apologize for any hurt you have suffered from those who claim the name of Christ. I'm not familiar with all of those incident you mentioned above. But I think it would be safe to say that the lead against sexual slavery today has been taken by the Christian community. While I'm not a historian on these matters by any means I believe Susan B Anthony was a Quaker. But I guess beyond the idea that there maybe a little more to what you mentioned above, is the two greatest commands in scripture. 1) Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength 2) Love your neighbor as yourself I don't know of any other view of the world in which those two things are the foundation for the rest of life. TJ
The sex object thing is unchristian but natural and from a liberal worldview.
Oh. You mean liberals, who gave women the right to vote and banned sexual harrassment and gave women the right to go to medical school and become cops or whatever they want-- fighting conservative Christians every step of the way-- yes, liberals are more sexist than Christians, who have a Bible where Jacob's baby mamas, Rachel and Leah, and their handmaidens, get into a contest to see who can make the most babies. A Bible that says that after you kill a woman's parents in war, you can force her to marry you and force her to have sex with you, IF SHE IS PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE TO YOU, although God might still forbid raping her if she's ugly. A Bible where the Midianites are exterminated, but the women are checked to see who's a virgin or not, and all the non-virgins are immediately murdered, and all the virgins are made the sex slaves of Israelites. A Bible that says that if a man rapes a woman, the woman must marry her rapist who must pay her father 50 shekels and can never divorce her. A Bible that describes a magic potion to induce abortions and kill an innocent fetus, if you think your wife has been unfaithful. A Bible where St. Paul says that he will not suffer a woman to speak. Yes, there is nothing sexist in conservative Christians like Robert Byers who has always claimed women shouldn't be scientists or leaders, who writes in this thread, "Female heros is unnatural and silly...video games is proof of demographic evidence that men are different from women." Yes, certainly women are not treated like sex objects in Christian schools like Bob Jones University, Patrick Henry College, or Pensacola Christian College, all of which have had sexual assault scandals recently, not to mention all the rape and child molestation scandals in homeschooling publishers (Rob Gothard's ATI, Vision Forum, The Old Schoolhouse), the various rape and child molestation scandals in the many Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches including Jack Schaap and the molester pastors they trained up in their IFB seminary, Sovereign Grace Ministries, the rapist missionary scandals, the hundreds of Mennonite girls and women raped when their families were knocked out by horse tranquilizers, rape and molesting and rape and molesting... Byers, if "the sex object thing is unchristian", why are Christians so rapey? Diogenes
Robert Byers,
don’t get in mens way. its oppression
Yes, the struggle is real, we men are sooooo oppressed. /s daveS
The video games are evidence of different male and female motivations. Men play the games to be accomplished . Men are the fighters and women the ones they rescue. As in the past. This is right. Female heros is unnatural and silly. The sex object thing is unchristian but natural and from a liberal worldview. I don't play these games and know girls who do. They are trying to change the male identity and female identity. they can't get girls interested and seem to want to stop boys being interested. Who made them the boss! video games is proof of demographic evidence that men are different from women. The way it is, will stay, and is right. Feminism has always been a enemy of men and the rights of men. not the inclusion of women into a common people. Identity is from God and the sex makeop of people. Its not a figment of the brain. There will always be these curves in human motivation based on identity. don't get in mens way. its oppression why do they want to make girls into boys or boys into girls or into the same? it has failed in this computer age.. Robert Byers
Zippy Myers! It takes a wannabe celebrity hack to know a hack! lpadron
That guy Myers has done so much for us, doesn’t he deserve some kind of award?
Twit of the year leaps to mind! DonaldM

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