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Have you got an Expelled story, for the movie about the current frantic attempt to suppress evidence of intelligent design in the universe?

Go here to tell it.

Here are a few stories that have appeared recently:

a steep cost for heresy
Added by: Jerald, kill the messenger when they discovered they could not kill the message

Credible Sources
Added by: Robert, A college paper thrown out and a failing grade given simply because some of my sources where written by authors who show evidence for Intelligent design

Alligator man fired
Added by: Norbert, After studying over 200 wild alligators and publishing over 100 papers I was denied tenure.

Intolerance at Christian Colleges.
Added by: Jerry, My experience of being expelled from several Christian colleges due to my doubts about Darwinism.

Now, I haven’t investigated these individual stories, but they are consistent with the other gen.

I usually tell students, keep QUIET. Act like a good little Darwinbot. Question nothing, no matter how ridiculous. Practice keeping a straight face. (Anyone who laughs will be disqualified.) Get great marks.

And wait for the signal … 

(But just for now, you can tell your story.)

Father of RNA world theory dies

Why lifelong atheist Antony Flew decided there must be a God …

Also: Here are the podcasts that have been added to the Encyclopedia of Evolution in the Light of Intelligent Design

“SteveB: I’d conclude that it was worth looking into.” OK. But isn’t a fundamental principle of good journalism that verification and fact-checking must follow the looking? Yes, such stories could be true (I’m familiar with the high-profile cases of Baylor, Iowa State and the Smithsonian), but they could just as easily be the product of moles or the fabrications of people with an axe to grind. Has the content of the site you cite been verified? If not, merely passing along hearsay either proves nothing, or worse, makes ID supporters look naïve. SteveB
Thank you, Denyse. Here is hoping that Professor Marks can find a new university to do his groundbreaking work at now that Baylor has shuttered his lab and kicked him to the curb. rrf
If even a distinguished professor like Robert Marks is not safe from materialists desperate to avoid disconfirmation of their theories, I doubt that the average student has much chance. To say nothing of Guillermo Gonzalez or Rick Sternberg ... Not all cases are equal, but anyone who is not a materialist who doubts that there is a problem is in a state of denial. There is nothing unusual about that, by the way. It is a natural instinct to think that "that (unlucky) person isn't like me. He made mistakes. I wouldn't make those mistakes." It's natural but it's wrong. The only mistake Prof. Marks made was to know good arguments against Darwinism and to be (possibly) in a position to demonstrate them. The only mistake a student may need to make would be failing to pretend to believe it all, no matter how unbelievable it sounds. O'Leary
I agree with SteveB, the comments left on the Expelled website are far from compelling and seem focused more on religion and less about actual science. If ID has any chance of competing in the realm of scientific discussion, there needs to be more focus on research and the exciting new ID discoveries that are just over the horizon. SailorMon
Nochange, check your email. I sent you a good candidate for donations. BarryA
These are the people I'm talking about (in my other recent posts). I would like to be able to identify some of these brave ID researchers and donate money to their research, so that I can make a concrete donation that will end the hedgemony of the Darwinists. (Although, let's forget about the alligator guy, I don't see how his work is going to cure malaria). We as a community need to support the work of this next paradigm (ID - which is also a return to the First paradigm). I may not be a genius, but I can at least put my financial support towards something like this. What a Nobel prize and a couple of disease cures wouldn't do to promote our cause! Let's help make some of these brilliant ID folks famous! Nochange
SteveB: I'd conclude that it was worth looking into. But re the Expelled witnesses, all the more so. I ALREADY know credible people who are practically in hiding for saying that they doubt some of the Darwinian fables. You do NOT have to do much these days to become the subject of obscene Internet "ventings" in favour of Darwinism. I got up one Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago and discovered that a local friend had got up much earlier to say prayers for me because some - these are her words - "hippie witch" had put out a big alarm on a Western Canadian blog about my course at 100 Carr Hall at the University of Toronto (Tuesday 7:00 pm EST, 1500 km distant) on why there is an intelligent design controversy. Some (probably very young) person ranting semi-coherently from somewhere in France had set the witch off. Look, I am not particularly vulnerable. But I can only imagine what it is like for those who are. SteveB, are you vulnerable? If you came to doubt Darwinism or any facet of materialism, based on evidence, would you be entirely safe? Good if you are. Write back if you are not. O'Leary
Denyse, I looked at the first 4-5 entries, all of which were written anonymously and without any facts that could be verified. If a pro-Darwin site did the same, how much credence would you give to it? SteveB

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