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Not finding the God particle may be a bigger deal than we think

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In “This Just In: Brainless Boson Outwits Scientists” In (American Thinker, June 16, 2012), Terry L. Mirll offers some thoughts on the curious cosmology drama of the Higgs boson (“God particle”) and why it matters so much to so many.

First, consider the desperate language:

Consider, for instance, this recent headline from the Christian Science Monitor: “CERN Scientists Excruciatingly Close to Discovering Higgs Boson.” Got that? Not just close. Not just really close, nor really, really close, but “excruciatingly” close. As in, “So close a damsel butterfly could ne’er slip her dew-glisten’d wing betwixt them.” That kind of close!

Not to be outdone by the CSM, Reuters offers: “Big Bang Particle Discovery Closer: Scientists.” Rather than quibble as to the degree of closeness, the headline makes the standard appeal to authority. Real, for-true, bona fide scientists are making this claim, for those of you who may have thought the claim was coming from Girl Scout Troop 428.

Why? Mirll suggests,

Here’s an idea the science media seem to neglect altogether: the failure to find the Higgs boson may indicate a serious flaw in our formulation of the Standard Model. The issue has never been that the Higgs boson must exist, but that it must exist if the Standard Model is at all true. The Standard Model, in turn, is true only if Big Bang Cosmology is real. This leaves the scientist with only two options: find that damn Higgs boson, or reformulate the Standard Model by finding other options than the Big Bang, maybe even toss it out altogether.

To insist that the former option, for the sake of the latter, must be realized puts the particle physicist in an unfortunate position — rather like a child trying to pound a piece of jigsaw puzzle into place when it may fit elsewhere.

A lot of us would miss the Big Bang. The grandeur, the simplicity.

(Some of us had treated the Higgs soap opera as just that, “Where oh where has my little Higgs gone … where oh where can it be …. ” But maybe not.)

2 Replies to “Not finding the God particle may be a bigger deal than we think

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    Axel says:

    Isn’t that a mechanistic way of thinking, as well as based on a questionable assumption? That, if the Higgs boson doesn’t exist, then the Big bang can’t have happened?

    Wasn’t evidence of the background radiation of the Big Bang arrived at independently of the Higgs boson theory?

    Note the last phrase of the text below, from the Wikipedia article on the conjectured Higgs Boson:

    “The Higgs boson is often referred to as “the God particle” by the media,[61] after the title of Leon Lederman’s popular science book on particle physics, The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?[62][63] While use of this term may have contributed to increased media interest,[63] many scientists dislike it, since it overstates the particle’s importance, not least since its discovery would still leave unanswered questions about the unification of Quantum chromodynamics, the electroweak interaction and gravity, and the ultimate origin of the universe.”

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    biobased says:

    Check out “plasma cosmology” for a viable alternative to the Big Bang theory. A good place to start is The basic idea is that the universe and its stellar formations are electrically powered by intergalactic Birkeland currents. Another Big Deal is a scientific outcast, Dr. Randell Mills, has had independent investigators confirm his “hydrino” theory for shrinking atomic hydrogen below its currently accepted ground state. This achievement represents a complete rewrite of quantum mechanics. Anomalous power generation (200X above hydrogen combustion) and spectral signatures of “super-fast” atoms were verified by six different industry and academic personnel. The testing was done using prototype fuel cells that harness the hydrino’s energy output. The reports are posted at Mill’s companies’ website.
    I think this pertains to ID because it seems like this discovery was a hidden treasure planted by a higher intelligence. Even more remarkable is that it was primarily hidden by scientific dogma. One brilliant outsider figured it out and has been shunned by the academic world that thinks the current QM theory is the final word on the subject. Take a look at the reports before forming a judgement about Mill’s theory. This is transformational stuff and as usual the major media is no where to be found.

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