4 Replies to “Nuclear Evolution Debate – No Takers Yet

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    John Davison says:

    Whoever Administrator is he high jacked DaveScot’s thread and then, without indicating why, summarily deleted a very significant post I had presented on this thread. I expect that post to be restored. If it is not by noon EST this forum will have heard the last from me here but not elsewhere.

    No one hijacked any of my threads. I deleted your comment because it was lewd. You’ve been warned over and over that I won’t tolerate lewdness here yet you persist. That’s too bad. I’ve no choice at this point but to exclude you from further participation here. -ds

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    crandaddy says:

    Hmmm…No representative from the Darwinist camp yet, huh? Maybe we should put up a clock and see just how long it takes. πŸ˜‰

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    secondclass says:

    I’m unclear on the position that Whoever is defending. Is it that biologists haven’t found a plausible mechanism for the evolution of the nucleus, or is it that the nucleus is necessarily a product of design?

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    crandaddy says:


    I think Whoever is of the position that neo-Darwinian evolution is incapable of creating a eukaryotic nucleus in a prokaryote.

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