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Odd: Koala fingerprints almost indistinguishable from human ones

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Researchers compared the fingerprints of three koalas killed by cars, a chimp that died in captivity, and human ones. The koala prints were more like human ones than the chimp’s were.

Even more amazing, primates and koalas’ ancestors branched apart between 70 and 80 million years ago, suggesting that both independently evolved their fingerprints.

Ross Pomeroy, “The Most Amazing Fact About Koalas” at RealClearScience

Maybe someone could do that math on the likelihood of convergent evolution of such a detail in that period of time. Koalas are marsupial mammals.

Also, why aren’t the chimp prints more like those of humans?

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If anyone wants to see the original paper this is based on, I found it here: https://web.archive.org/web/20120120132531/http://naturalscience.com/ns/articles/01-04/ns_hll.html johnnyb
repeated, independent evolution of human and koala fingerprints .... just another miraculous event (among thousands of others) Darwinists believe in ... In Darwinian fantasy world, you can see a miracle after a miracle after a miracle ... martin_r
"Tactile enhancers amplifying vibrations" is an interesting idea. Could also be the other way around, a vibrator with a unique frequency pattern. Run your fingertips across the edge of a table or a piece of cardboard. You can hear different 'syllables' for each finger as you pass across the parallel and crossgrained parts of the whorl. Like the stridulations made by grasshopper legs and some bird wings. Why koalas? Seems a bit odd, since kangaroos look more like the human parallel in the marsupial world. polistra

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