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Of 10 highest IQ’s on earth, at least 8 are theists, at least 6 are Christians

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Says a reader, quoting this. (Picked up here.)

Watch for a mention of Bill Dembski’s Uncommon Dissent as well.

Of course, part of this finding is a function of who gets roped into taking IQ tests. 😉

Do they still give IQ tests in the schools? Bad idea. Such tests should only be offered as one of several routine diagnostics, if a kid isn’t coping with schoolwork. If the kid is coping, his IQ shouldn’t really be an issue.

Comparisons at that level simply problemize normal situations and create unrealistic conflicts (conflicts that do not arise from real competition; that is, they would not arise absent the metric).

Still, there is no evidence that theists are dumber than other people, which could be why the brights atheist theme never really took off (except among people who already thought they were smarter than other folk, for no clear reason).

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Many people in the science disciplines are awarded scholarships. Unlike many people they have a choice in their career. Atheists overwhelmingly choose the fields of Origins--biology, cosmology, physics.There are only 18000 physicists in the US BTW. Theists overwhelmingly choose Medicine--there are 700,000 doctors and surgeons in the US and 3 Million RN's---all are science degrees. Im sorry..but MD's go through 11 years of school vs the 4 years of these other jobs. 75% believe in God. Even more for RN's. If your talent is logic and reasoning and are an atheist you're more likely to be a Philosopher, psychiatrist etc If you believe in God...a Theologian or minister. If atheist and want to stick it theists-- a professor of religion...if a Theist, a pastor or priest This is logic 101 people, yet the uneducated public reasons their opinions in under 20 seconds. It also doesn't help that the dishonest atheists claim science education caused their beliefs when in fact the studies show they were already formed. Why would a theist be compulsive about the origin of the universe when they already have that answer??? The same dynamics can be found in hundreds of occupations. The Media and broadcasting overwhelmingly attracts Liberals. Finance attracts conservatives. Very few people "become" these things through their work. If anything they are more likely to turn away from atheism. Do theists become porn moguls? Do atheists become Pastors? One thing is clear..those who have a bend toward atheism choose a desk--as they are more likely to be loners. Theists will seek out more interaction..helping people one on one, hence Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons. There are not a lot of atheist rescue workers, firemen, police. Man of us who were in science club or passed by the class, who didnt have 47 pens in our pockets, know what I'm talking about serious123
It has long been held that snooker is a sign of a misspent youth. However, Andrew Magdy Kamal's espousal of the Republican's Tea Party cause strikes me as a better candidate for that title. Not the sheltered life afforded by the walls of snooker halls, but within the family home and classes of students much older than than the prodigies. It seems to me that it shows, per O'Leary's caveat, wisdom, even good sense, can be a whole nother kettle of fish. Axel
Scientists and theism: http://www.pewforum.org/2009/11/05/scientists-and-belief/ Top scientists (NAS) are even less likely to believe in god, the majority being non-believers. Obviously these numbers are conflated by many factors and asserting a high IQ is no guarantee of being correct on an issue. rich

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