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Off topic: The Cancel Culture ragtag volunteer army of censors


Only off topic if you are happy with a mob controlling what you read.

The new censorship is different from traditional “banned” or “challenged” lists because a younger, much more active crowd is behind it:

Most victims [of Cancel Culture] were targeted by race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender activists, usually over matters that would surprise most readers. Some accept oblivion; others rewrite their books. Science fiction has been hit by “Woke zombies” too: “They inhibit free extrapolation and free speech through aggressive gatekeeping and social and professional ostracism, inspiring fearful writers to self-censor,” writes one author. Dissecting the controversies over books attacked in 2019, Krishdee Dismon captures a torrent of steaming resentment, much of it from people who have not read the books.

News, “Books: Cancel Culture as an invisible army of censors ” at Mind Matters News

Some demand that Random House Cancel best-selling atheist Richard Dawkins’s books. Even ideas as fashionable as Darwinism are not safe.

But some are fighting back: Many writers and artists are beginning to speak out and take action, recognizing that sharing the cost of speaking up reduces its burden:

The first step in fighting the Cancel Culture that is infesting the book industry, veterans say, is to refuse to issue, demand, or listen to groveling apologies. The recent exposure of social media Cancel Culture bully Chrissy Teigen may start a trend. If what Teigen did exposes her to legal action, other social media trolls will be duly warned. Whether she is sorry for what she did is her own business, not the public’s…

● Best-selling science fiction author Jon Del Arroz forced WorldCon 76 (a huge science fiction convention) to pay compensation, not just issue an apology, for banning him and tarring him as a racist with no real evidence: “The ban came about when Del Arroz asked Worldcon for security measures because he feared for his safety due to the mob-like attacks on him and his family from industry insiders.” (June 5, 2021) He had been targeted by social justice warriors for some time due to Incorrect views.

● A University of Washington AI notable, Pedro Domingos, was threatened with Cancelation when he questioned “ideological litmus tests” in his discipline. He not only sidelined the well-known industry bully who was targeting him and his university but he published a list of Fifteen Strategic Principles for beating back Cancel Culture.

News, “Books: The first step in fighting Cancel Culture ” at Mind Matters News

Malicious envy was always out there but before social media it could rarely assemble so large a mob. But that’s a challenge, not a prophecy.

We ID types can help fend them off. We are used to fighting Cancel Culture.

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In Big Tech World: the journalist as censor, hit man, and snitch. Glenn Greenwald looks at a disturbing trend in media toward misrepresentation as well as censorship.

It's all because of rejection of subjectivity, at the intellectual level. Not understanding how subjectivity works intellectually, and consequently having systematically bad personal judgements. That is the perfect explanation for all that kind of systemic evil. And it's got nothing whatsoever to do with a failure to teach logic of implication. mohammadnursyamsu
This is happening so rapidly by such a small number of people it’s hard to take it seriously but Google, Facebook and Twitter are all in with the censorship. Even the federal and state governments are contributing. The activists are invariably Democrats. For example, Twitter users are about 52% Democrat and the 10% of Twitter users who make 92% of the tweets are over 80% Democrats. Just 3% of the population create 90% of the tweets. But it is these tweet storms that organizations react to. Here are a couple scary articles about this phenomenon. https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/the-books-are-already-burning https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/daniel-elder-scapegoat-charles-murray-facing-reality/ This latter article shows how religious affiliated organizations are now part of the cancel culture. jerry

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