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Okay, Darwinism beats feminism. But feminism beats genetics, right? So are these people asking for trouble or what…?

Human male karyotpe high resolution - Chromosome Y.png
human Y chromosome

This isn’t an area where facts seem to matter much anyhow, at least not at universities. From geneticist Jenny Graves at Intellectual Takeout:

In their new paper, the authors Gershoni and Pietrokovsk looked at how active the same genes are in men and women. They measured the RNA produced by 18,670 genes in 53 different tissues (45 common to both sexes) in 544 adult post mortem donors (357 men and 187 women).

They found that about one third of these genes (more than 6,500) had very different activities in men and women. Some genes were active in men only or women only. Many genes were far more active in one sex or the other.

A few of these genes showed sex biased activity in every tissue of the body. More commonly, the difference was seen in one or a few tissues.

Most of these genes were not on sex chromosomes: only a few lay on the Y or the X. More.

There are medical implications to the broad genetic differences between men and women:

These new findings could explain why men and women are often differently susceptible to diseases, and suggests treatments need to be based on studies of both sexes.

As opposed to clinical trials involving only men (or trials that assume sex doesn’t matter). If our health matters to us, we need to bypass organized Correctness and find out the facts.

See also: In the PC war, Darwinism beats even feminism. Of course Darwin’s claims that put down women are unscientific. But science isn’t why they prevailed then and isn’t why Darwinism prevails now. It prevails because it is the central elite culture superstition, more central than feminism for sure. The best bet for a reasonable person today is to consume both Darwinism and feminism in very moderate quantities.


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