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Oldest discovered Gondwana land animal is a scorpion at 350 mya …

scorpion’s stinger/U Witwatersrand

… so it musta been eatin’ something, must still find what. (Other finds, one gathers, are from Laurasia.*)

For the first time we know for certain that not just scorpions, but whatever they were preying on were already present in the Devonian. We now know that by the end the Devonian period Gondwana also, like Laurasia, had a complex terrestrial ecosystem, comprising invertebrates and plants which had all the elements to sustain terrestrial vertebrate life that emerged around this time or slightly later,” said Gess.

*For very ancient continents Gondwana and Laurasia go here.

From a local published article and yep, really the same; http://www.iol.co.za/scitech/science/discovery/frozen-in-time-roadworks-yield-fossil-find-1.1572111#.UinORD_aAeg Andre
I'm assuming it is identical to both "Laurasian" scorpions and modern-day scorpions. lifepsy
I had to correct the poor professor that found the fossil on radio the other day, he told listeners that Tiktaalik was an example of an intermediate.... shame.... Them Darwinists..... They say the darn-est things.... Andre

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