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Our science betters tackle COVID-19 the only way they know how

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Just stop people from talking:

Their plans for languages other than English are probably similar.

Science is what the party says. Mad Bomber Inslee was among the first to close all the schools "because virus". Lately he's been screeching louder and louder about "cases", sounding like a new total lockdown is coming. A few days ago the Party (Biden) said that it's time to start phasing in schools again, so schools can be fully back on Jan 20 and the Party can get credit for beating the "virus". Immediately Inslee decided that "cases" now require opening all schools (which have been partly open for some grades already). Today the County Public Death Office also decided, purely on its own and independently, that "cases" merit phasing in more of the schools, based solely, of course, on the increasing "cases", which are now a good thing instead of a bad thing. Comrade O'Brien would definitely approve! polistra
The reason it is so funny, you can imagine it next on the list. jerry
Even your typical brain-dead liberal friends might find this odd. Might. Anyway, old white emasculated males reading teleprompters continue to tell progs what to do and they eagerly comply. Mindwashed. Andrew asauber
Coffee coming out of my nose....you owe me a new keyboard. The CCP Virus, government induced and fueled panic is almost over when stuff like this starts coming out. Latemarch

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