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Oxford Conference – Religious Responses to Darwinism

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The Ian Ramsey Centre’s annual international conference is planned to take place in July 2009 (July 15th – 18th) – RELIGIOUS RESPONSES TO DARWINISM 1859-2009: Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’. At St Anne’s College, Oxford, England.


There is a call for short papers of 20-minutes duration plus 10 minutes discussion.  Topics to include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Historical accounts of religious reactions to Darwin’s thought. Specific problems raised for religious belief by Darwinism (e.g.: theodicy, human uniqueness, the contingency of natural selection, the basis of morality), and theological responses to these problems Darwinism, naturalism, and the ‘new atheism.’
The history and/or sociology of religiously-motivated anti-evolutionary movements. Evolution-religion conflict as depicted in literature, the arts, and the media. Responses to Darwinism in specific religion traditions or geographical locations. Darwinism as religion or ideology.

The emphasis of the conference is on descriptive rather than normative contributions. Last years conference on Design and Nature was attended by a number of intelligent design supporters with some very interesting presentations. Perhaps this is also an opportunity to set some records straight with some fresh research submissions.


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