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Paleontology and ID: don’t miss FREE webinar with Dr. Gunter Bechly this Saturday

This coming Saturday (July 16th), I am going to be hosting my weekly Apologetics Academy webinar session. This week, we are blessed to have German pro-ID paleontologist Dr. Günter Bechly presenting to us on the implications of the fossil record for neo-Darwinian evolution. The session begins at 8pm GMT (9pm Central Europe / 3pm EST / 2pm Central America / 12noon Pacific).
To join, click the following URL at or shortly before the meeting’s start time:
Doing so will prompt you to download the Zoom webinar platform that we use. This should only take a minute or two. Once downloaded, you will be automatically connected with our room.
I hope to see many of you there!
The question is IS the fossil record a record of biological processes or ONLY a record of biology after the processes?? Therefore the conclusions from the fossil record are based on presumptions of processes. Either Evolution or iD. Therefore its just lines of reasoning and not scientific investigation of biology. In short the fossil record is a study of deposition events with geology paradigms. Without the geology rules the biology says nothing. A clue about why evolutionism too long survived. NEVER based on biology. YEC creationists know that. Robert Byers

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