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Paper: Earth’s magnetic field can change ten times faster than thought


If this holds up, perhaps it will play a role one day in unraveling some mysteries:

The magnetic field is constantly changing. Satellites now provide new means to measure and track its current shifts but the field existed long before the invention of human-made recording devices. To capture the evolution of the field back through geological time scientists analyse the magnetic fields recorded by sediments, lava flows and human-made artefacts. Accurately tracking the signal from Earth’s core field is extremely challenging and so the rates of field change estimated by these types of analysis are still debated.

Now, Dr Chris Davies, associate professor at Leeds and Professor Catherine Constable from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, in California have taken a different approach. They combined computer simulations of the field generation process with a recently published reconstruction of time variations in Earth’s magnetic field spanning the last 100,000 years

Their study, published in Nature Communications, shows that changes in the direction of Earth’s magnetic field reached rates that are up to 10 times larger than the fastest currently reported variations of up to one degree per year.

University of Leeds, “Earth’s magnetic field can change 10 times faster than previously thought” at ScienceDaily

Paper. (open access)

It can change faster than that. Robert Coe and Michel Prévot found a thin lava layer that must have cooled within 15 days, and had 90° of reversal recorded continuously in it.[9] And it was no fluke—eight years later, they reported an even faster reversal[10] (https://creation.com/the-earths-magnetic-field-evidence-that-the-earth-is-young) [9] R.S. Coe and M. Prévot, Evidence suggesting extremely rapid field variation during a geomagnetic reversal, Earth and Planetary Science 92(3/4):292–298, April 1989. [10] R.S. Coe, M. Prévot and P. Camps, New evidence for extraordinarily rapid change of the geomagnetic field during a reversal, Nature 374(6564):687–692, 1995 "Palaeomagnetic results from lava flows recording a geomagnetic polarity reversal at Steens Mountain, Oregon suggest the occurrence of brief episodes of astonishingly rapid field change of six degrees per day." aarceng
It's basically a good sign when science is able to revise previous estimates. The problem is that THEORIES are never revised to agree with data. Theories exist in a separate world from data. With the "virus" nonsense we see a whole pile of brand new bizarre delusional theories that are perfectly contradictory to everything we know about real viruses. Lots of folks are trying to break through the barrier with massive stacks of honest data, but it doesn't work because the barrier is unbreakable. Modern governments are accustomed to using THEORIES instead of facts, which means they can do anything they want by altering the THEORIES. Very convenient for governments. Everything they do is backed by "science". Nothing they do is remotely related to facts. polistra
“than previously thought” Haven’t we seen that expression, along with “unexpectedly”, “surprisingly”, in biology too? Any idea why? jawa

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