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Paper: Paradigm shift needed in understanding evolution of complex animals

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Also known as eukaryotes:

Abstract: Evolution of eukaryotic species and their genomes has been traditionally understood as a vertical process in which genetic material is transmitted from parents to offspring along a lineage, and in which genetic exchange is restricted within species boundaries. However, mounting evidence from comparative genomics indicates that this paradigm is often violated. Horizontal gene transfer and mating between diverged lineages blur species boundaries and challenge the reconstruction of evolutionary histories of species and their genomes. Nonvertical evolution might be more restricted in eukaryotes than in prokaryotes, yet it is not negligible and can be common in certain groups. Recognition of such processes brings about the need to incorporate this complexity into our models, as well as to conceptually reframe eukaryotic diversity and evolution. Here, I review the recent work from genomics studies that supports the effects of nonvertical modes of evolution including introgression, hybridization, and horizontal gene transfer in different eukaryotic groups. I then discuss emerging patterns and effects, illustrated by specific examples, that support the conclusion that nonvertical processes are often at the root of important evolutionary transitions and adaptations. I will argue that a paradigm shift is needed to naturally accommodate nonvertical processes in eukaryotic evolution.

Gabaldón, T. (2020), Patterns and impacts of nonvertical evolution in eukaryotes: a paradigm shift. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. https://doi.org/10.1111/nyas.14471 (open access)

A friend writes to ask, “If we don’t have common descent, and we don’t have natural selection, why do we still call it evolution?”

Well, one reason is to avoid the unemployment lineup. The tenured faculty are still mostly Darwinists. Keep feeding them Darwin till they retire and then…

Didier Raoult Trashing Darwin
“Charles Darwin’s vision of the world deeply influenced biology in the twentieth century. Today, however, his theory of evolution is more a hindrance than a help, because it has become a quasi-theological creed that is preventing the benefits of improved research from being fully realized." Didier Raoult, Life After Darwin
DATCG I love how you eviscerate and expose what we here at UD know as "darwinian clowns" (Martin_r's brilliant epiphenomenal idea). These beasts reek of desperation. Truthfreedom
News, Your friend is very astute, we sure as heck don't have Darwinist evolution anymore. I think Darwinist still call it evolution because they must continue to spin old "bears to whales" tales and they've run out of any other alternatives. This is their last hope. Especially as "Junk" DNA shows more function daily across the globe. Other nations not bound by the old English way, care less about allegiance to Darwin. What's a Darwinist to do? Less junk, less chance for random, blind "creation machines." They know it. Instead of admitting failure they turn to more story-telling - HGT a billion years ago did this, did that and voila, we have humans now. Because incongruence, yada yada. Yet again more story-telling sold as science. While this paper admittedly shows weakness of previous speculations by Darwinist for human evolution it replaces it with more speculation, not real evidence that HGT solves their problems for Eukaryotes. Bacteria, Viruses, etc., sure in the world of prokaryotes. This is a shift and a desperate one for Darwinist. They're at the end of the blind, evolutionary rope. DATCG
Paradigm shift incoming! Alert Susan Mazur! Seversky
The tide is turning. Truthfreedom
That’s really nice to read this AaronS1978

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