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Philosopher Laszlo Bencze on the Wilson–Dawkins flap

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Where high end Darwin god E. O. Wilson calls low rent Darwin god Richard Dawkins a journalist. (Still not clear? No, because nature just doesn’t fit into either of these guys’ boxes, really. This still feels like a moment of Darwinism in decline):

Anyway, Wilson uses the term “design”. He tells The Atlantic,

Our bodies are exquisitely designed by more than a billion years of evolution to live in a particular physical environment — atmosphere, water conditions, PH, and so on — and similarly our brains are designed to live within a narrow range of social environments, to react to the physical environment in adaptive ways.

And philosopher Bencze says,

It is of course absolutely incorrect to use the term “designed” when speaking of evolution. And I’m sure E. O. Wilson knows this. He should have said, “our minds and our bodies are the result of a long series of accidental modifications to our DNA which happened to improve the odds of survival.” Please note that what I have written is not mockery or exaggeration. It is precisely the evolutionist’s agenda properly phrased. Please also note how much less impressive it is than what E. O. Wilson wrote. What Wilson did is what most evolutionists do when speaking to the public. They reify natural selection, transforming it from an abstract concept into a concrete and active agent. So reified natural selection becomes a kind of god or spirit or “force” as Luke Skywalker might have said. It has power and majesty. It is the Great Designer. At least it is until you poke Mr. Wilson in the eye with this criticism at which point he will harrumph and retreat to the so much less majestic scientific explanation.

Good if Wilson only does that. Lots of Darwin’s followers would just try to get one fired.

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