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Please Think of UD When You’re Allocating Year-end Giving

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UD’s motto and raison d’être is “serving the intelligent design community.”

If you are a member of that community and have enjoyed our services this year, please consider a year-end donation to help defray our costs of operation.  We run on a shoe-string budget (just ask our pathetically underpaid but nevertheless intrepid and indefatigable News Desk), but we do have expenses.

Please click on that “Donate” button.  UD is a 501(c)(3) organization and gifts are tax deductible in the US.

2 Replies to “Please Think of UD When You’re Allocating Year-end Giving

  1. 1
    Eric Anderson says:

    Thanks, Barry. We appreciate all the work you and Denyse put in.

    Can you clarify where the Donate button is. Doesn’t show on my screen . . .

  2. 2
    Barry Arrington says:

    Thank you Eric.

    The Donate button is just above the “search” box on the home page.

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