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Polar bears overrun small northern Russia town


Yeah, another cute critter story, but your news desk is digging out from a snow wallop and thought you’d find this walk on the wild side fun:

On Saturday, dozens of large adult animals, as well as many cubs, moved into the town of Belushya Guba, or Sturgeon Bay, a military community of 2,500 people on the far northern archipelago of Novaya Zemlya. While polar bear sightings are common in Russia’s High Arctic, the brazenness of the animals has taken many people by surprise. Video taken near the town’s garbage dump showed as many as 20 or 30 animals grunting and gorging themselves on discarded food. “They’re not afraid of anything,” said a voice on the video. Security cameras showed silent images of adult bears entering buildings, and peering into the windows of people’s homes.CBC News, Tuesday, February 12, 2019, “50 polar bears invade Russian town, emergency declared” at The Weather Network

One senses that bear-proof garbage disposal will become more of a local priority there. And there’s always the Canadian solution, the polar bear jail.

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Kairosfocus, I think they are conditioning the bears so that they don't want to come back into town. They give the bears only snow and ice during their 30-day "lockup" in an effort to make town a not-so-appealing place. Sorta like locking up the drunken vagrant from out of town and hoping he doesn't show back up again when he gets a snoot full. OldArmy94
Polar bear jail? Why not just cart him off way out there? kairosfocus
News, Indeed. When I read "discarded food", I suspected this was a "Bears Eat Food!" kind of story. ;) But then again Modern Media can't help but try and create a hyped story where there is none and ignore actual stories they don't like. Sigh(again). Andrew asauber
Asauber at 1, not enough of them, it would seem. On the other hand, if people leave leftovers out at night, what is a decent bear supposed to do? Let them sit there till spring and be eaten by worms emerging from below the frost line? Hardly! News
Didn't Global Warming strand all the Poley Bears on ice floes already? Andrew asauber

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