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Prediction: Based on Christianity Today’s article on Darwin-friendly Adam and Eve

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Genome mapper Francis Collins, who founded BioLogos, is hailed in the June 2011 article as “one of the most eminent scientists ever to identify as an evangelical Christian.”

An unexpected paean – and one that furrowed my brow (p. 23).  Given that he’s a supporter of human embryonic stem cell research (and many witnessed the look of joy on his face when Obama signed the death order). Plus, he can live with abortion. And it’s been 11 years since I wrote an article for Christianity Today that assumed that a stance against abortion was normal for an evangelical:

So the prediction is: If the mag goes down this road steadily, in ten years, it will be flirting with theologians who are okay with involuntary euthanasia. Just a discussion among scholars, you know … And the fifth commandment really must be reinterpreted in the light of modern circumstances … .

This is only a crisis if you are trying to get away from the implications of being a human, not an animal, and a Christian as well.

Other notes on the article here. Plus link.

Well, isn't it more important that we Christians not been seen as anti-science? Mung

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