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President Obama: Darwinian Processes Driving Voters to Republicans

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At a fundraiser in Boston President Obama said:

Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared, and the country’s scared.

In my experience “hardwired” is Evolution-speak for “evolutionary adaptation that influences behavior.” Fascinating. If you don’t like Obama’s policies and plan to vote Republican, it is because you are scared and that fear drives you away from decisions based on facts, science and logic and toward irrational behavior. The sheer arrogance of this statement beggars belief.

19 Replies to “President Obama: Darwinian Processes Driving Voters to Republicans

  1. 1
    bornagain77 says:

    It ain’t a evolutionary/materialistic reason why people are turning on Democrats. It is the purely spiritual reason why they are of ‘losing that loving feeling’

    You’ve lost that loving feeling – The Righteous Brothers

  2. 2
    Gods iPod says:

    OK, I don’t buy into partisan bs. Both parties are funded by the same people, both parties are stripping America’s freedoms away with ever bill passed into law. The office of the President is nothing more than a puppet of the Ruling Class. That said, Obama is the best thing that ever happened to the Republicans, and in 2 years we’ll be back on course toward their fascists goals instead of the Democrat’s Communist goals. Fascism or Communism, either way, the end result will be the same, more big government, more nanny state, less, dramatically less freedoms.

    How do you know a land is no longer free? When they have to keep reminding themselves that it is!

  3. 3
    O'Leary says:

    What astonishes ME about the President’s comments is that he – singularly – was elected on a tidal wave of emotionalism. Now he is seeing what it looks like when the tide is running high the other way.

    If he hadn’t promised so much, he would not be held to blame for so much.

  4. 4
    CannuckianYankee says:


    “If he hadn’t promised so much, he would not be held to blame for so much.”

    True, but If he hadn’t promised so much, he wouldn’t have been elected.

    Now since his pie in the sky has gone sour, we’re looking for another pie.

  5. 5
    Joseph says:

    Heck yes- with Democrats in power we are scared- very scared.

    I cannot afford to move to another country right now.

    Nancy Pelosi running the HoR- very scary stuff indeed.

    A novice as a President- very, very scary.

    First Tuesday in November here we come!

  6. 6
    ellijacket says:

    Pie in the sky? What flavor?

    Whoever promises blueberry has my vote!

  7. 7
    Muramasa says:

    Is it not possible that the Intelligent Designer hardwired (or front loaded) us to shy away from rational thought when we are scared?

    There is a certain advantage to responding viscerally when under a perceived threat, is there not?

  8. 8
    CannuckianYankee says:


    “Whoever promises blueberry has my vote!”

    And that’s a keen observation of the state of politics today. We look for leaders who promise things, rather than for leaders who lead. I prefer apple, and you prefer blueberry. If I’m running for office, I’d better promise both apple and blueberry. It has nothing at all to do with leading the country. It has to do with satisfying our appetites so to speak. This is why it’s dangerous to promise very little, while committing oneself to actual leadership, and upholding true American values such as Constitutional law and governance. It’s political suicide.

  9. 9
    Robert Byers says:

    This “president” Obama is simply saying its not his fault.
    Its from processes undirected by intelligence.
    So evolutionism.

    In fact its all very logical if one examines the laws behind it .
    Obama was the first president , unless Kennedy has some claim, of being nominated and elected for identity claims and not policy or party agendas. So is he celebrated and valued about.
    In fact he is a minor layer and minor ordinary low level politician. No abilities to fix and raise anything that goes wrong. Just another underserving quota person pushed by a establishment.
    Up or down he affects nothings. So other processes are affecting things.
    Yet all is intelligent and nothing from happanchance.

  10. 10
    GilDodgen says:

    Obama has it exactly backwards.

    For many years I was an avid hang glider pilot. For 25 years I was the editor and publisher of Hang Gliding magazine, the publication of the U.S. Hang Gliding Association.

    One of my duties was test-flying and writing reviews of hang gliders. Here is one example:

    During the course of my hang gliding career (starting 1973, when I built my first hang glider from a kit, and taught myself to fly) I logged more than 1,500 hang glider flights and more than a thousand hours of airtime. During this career I experienced many frightful moments, and it was during those frightful experiences that I thought most clearly and logically.

    As one example, in the late 1970s while test-flying an experimental hang glider design, I launched from Crestline, California, about 3,000 vertical feet above the landing zone. Immediately after launch I discovered that the glider had a hard left turn. It took all my strength to counter the turn, and there was significant thermal turbulence. I had to immediately evaluate my options. I had a hand-deployed emergency parachute, but the terrain below was inhospitable (trees, rocks, steep cliffs), and I knew that if I deployed the parachute I would have no control over where I landed, possibly crashing down the side of a cliff and being seriously injured or killed.

    Based on my training, experience, and best judgment I let the glider turn to the left in a 360-degree turn, then used my remaining strength to straighten it out just enough to point it to the LZ when the opportunity was available. I eventually landed safely, with the Velcro of my emergency chute container peeled back so I could deploy instantly, should that have been the only remaining option.

    It was fear, in a life-threatening situation, that forced me to draw on my most logical powers.

  11. 11
    above says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into that statement.

  12. 12
    Collin says:


    Yes, it’s you who are the hang glider. I wanted to ask you if you think evolution is like hang gliding. It slows the descent, it can even get some good updrafts, but it is not how you get up to the top of the cliff.

  13. 13
    CannuckianYankee says:


    If you took off from Crestline, which is approximately just above where I live in San Berdoo, you might have landed close to where I live. I wouldn’t exactly call that a wise decision. 🙂

  14. 14
    GilDodgen says:


    Nice analogy.


    You live very near where I work in Elsinore. You should come by our facility and I’ll give you a tour of our aerospace R&D operation. In the meantime, if you ever want to experience tandem hang gliding at Crestline, contact my old hang gliding buddy Rob McKenzie — he’s the best and most experienced hang gliding tandem instructor in the world.

    I have to admit that I’ve lived a very interesting and blessed life: son of a Manhattan-Project father, wonderful wife and daughters, concert piano, Masters degree in foreign language and literature, hang gliding, AI research, conversion from atheism to traditional Christian faith, aerospace R&D, ID.

    It doesn’t get much more bizarre than that.

  15. 15
    CannuckianYankee says:

    Gil, (Off Topic)

    “You should come by our facility and I’ll give you a tour of our aerospace R&D operation.”

    “if you ever want to experience tandem hang gliding at Crestline, contact my old hang gliding buddy Rob McKenzie.”

    They both sound like fun. I should put them on my to-do list. Thanks.

    BTW, I’m in the process of developing a business plan for something I’ve had in mind for some years now, which involves adventure tours in the nearby wilderness areas of our County. I’ve been looking for sources for such adventures, and this (hang gliding) seems like an excellent possibility in that area.

    You can check out my website at:

    It’s sort of like the death star – not yet fully operational.

  16. 16
    avocationist says:

    It matters not who or how the wiring got done, it’s still true. So it’s a legitimate statement, and often used by politicians to sway people by appealing to emotions and fear. There’s nothing arrogant about saying this; it is indeed something that the electorate sorely needs reminding of.

    Barry’s hang gliding experience is somewhat different. For one thing, it was an individual, very focused experience. Certain survival instincts come into play in moments of survival threat, perception of time slows down. I have also had a similar experience, while driving, but I have also had many experiences in which my thinking was muddled and I panicked under duress.

  17. 17
    deric davidson says:

    So Obama implies that Democrats are hardwired “correctly” and Republicans/Independents are hardwired “incorrectly” as far as responding to fear from a political point of view? How convenient evolution is in that by RMNS it can achieve “correct” political outcomes.

  18. 18
    tragic mishap says:

    Don’t forget this is the guy who said during his inauguration speech that we need to put “science back in its rightful place.”

  19. 19
    Joseph says:

    I still like the speech “We inherited this mess”

    No Mr President you were elected because YOU said you could CHANGE the situation- you KNEW what you were getting into.

    I guess wishy-washy is hard-wired into liberals…

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