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Proposed anxiety remedy: Your brain isn’t for thinking, just surviving

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Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett hopes that her materialist perspective will help us deal with our current anxieties:

First, in her view, your brain is merely a “command center” that evolved from a “tiny sea creature” over countless aeons to run your complex body. Your brain doesn’t even exist in order to think:

“Your brain’s most important job isn’t thinking; it’s running the systems of your body to keep you alive and well. According to recent findings in neuroscience, even when your brain does produce conscious thoughts and feelings, they are more in service to the needs of managing your body than you realize.” — Lisa Feldman Barrett, “Your Brain Is Not for Thinking” at New York Times

She asks us to image our brains as operating a series of deposits and withdrawals …

For one thing, if the brain is really just a mechanism for deposits and withdrawals, who or what thought up the image that describes it that way? Unthinking things cannot characterize themselves. The brain is characterized, correctly or otherwise, by something that operates with but beyond the brain. For convenience, we refer to it as the mind.

While we are here, neuroscience tends to support the reality of the mind, even though many neuroscientists are not in a rush to tell us that.

News, “Neuroscientist: Your brain isn’t for thinking, just surviving” at Mind Matters News

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Btw This kind of pertains to this but it looks like the brain has specific structures that go to override instinct for executive control https://neurosciencenews.com/sc-acc-executive-control-17344/?fbclid=IwAR3jt04il3PvOzpPuU1bnRaX3-QBKolzVI58RIBS-_tJFJDD_fEK6-E7UGk Just thought that was interesting AaronS1978
As a banker “nope” Trust me we didn’t get enriched and a very large majority of us are super tried of this trashdemic But we are still in investors jail currently because of some of our original misdeeds sometime ago so we might not be able to participate as you may say As per lisa Barrett, I love her for playing a part in knocking down Eckman’s emotion theory, she played a huge part But this seems like some of her crappiest work AaronS1978
Considering the huge part that bankers play in Deepstate, and in running all of our fake emergencies and fake pan[dem]ics to enrich themselves with bailouts, I'd rather not think of my mind as a bank. As an old bookkeeper, I appreciate that the nervous system is exquisitely balanced at all levels, with credits and debits impinging on every neuron, yielding profit or loss to the next level. Honest businesses run the same way, but banks are no longer honest businesses. Even an honest business isn't a useful metaphor to relieve anxiety. The best cure is taking control and exercising. Make and walk. There's no way to reach this set of actions from any metaphor. You just have to do it. polistra

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