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Psychology cannot be a hard science by definition

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Our fascination with the brain seems to come from a longing to make psychology more like a hard science and hence, we assume, more useful. Physics gave us electricity, skyscrapers, and the Internet. Chemistry gave us medicine and more fresh food. Psychology is still taking baby steps, designing empirical tests of unsurprising observations. It may be too much to expect science to reliably save marriages, but how desperately we need the secret to stopping people from burning others alive. More.

Psychology is like looking in a mirror and expecting objectivity.

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2 Replies to “Psychology cannot be a hard science by definition

  1. 1
    Andre says:

    Burning people that is exactly what is happening in South Africa right now. Pray for us all.

  2. 2
    Robert Byers says:

    Its about satan inspired evilness from people. Its not in the brain.
    Its in the soul and heart. No hope with brainology.

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