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Quantum teleport: Top physics breakthrough 2015

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From Physics World:

The Physics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year goes to Jian-Wei Pan and Chaoyang Lu of the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, for being the first to achieve the simultaneous quantum teleportation of two inherent properties of a fundamental particle – the photon.

Pan and Lu’s team has now simultaneously transferred a photon’s spin (polarization) and its orbital angular momentum (OAM) to another photon some distance away. …

Although it is possible to extend Pan’s method to teleport more than two properties simultaneously, this becomes increasingly difficult with each added property – the likely limit is three. To do this would require the ability to experimentally control 10 photons, while the current record is eight. The team is currently working hard to change that though, and Pan says that they “hope to reach 10-photon entanglement in a few months”. An alternate method that is also being developed could allow the team to double that figure to 20 within three years. “We should be able to teleport three degrees of freedom of a single photon or multiple photons soon,” he adds.

Maybe. That’s, unfortunately, so often the point at which the wheels tend to fall off’ 😉

The team hopes that quantum teleportation will provide “ unbreakable security.” Some of us are unclear how such a thing would be possible. But congrats nonetheless.

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I like breakthroughs BUT isn't most Chinese living in poverty? That should be the breakthrough for Chins. Caring about the people and not paying a few researchers to do cool things. This is not a big deal relative to the tiny circles that study these things. They are just slightly ahead of others BUT its artificially fueled on the backs of the workers as Mao would of said. Robert Byers

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