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“Doubt is conquered by faith, just as it is faith which has brought doubt into the world.”

Søren Kierkegaard

Jerry, thanks for your comment. Barry Arrington
OT: This is neat: Ever see the end of a rainbow? Rainbow- end to end- right before our eyes - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7cN8TLY8sk bornagain77
OT: Cambrian Explosion: The Case of Mollusks - November 12, 2013 Conclusions: Here we have seen Darwinian evolutionists admitting that mollusks date to the Cambrian explosion. They went looking for evidence of subsequent evolution. Strata under a lakebed in Africa showed simple changes in size, but no “upward” evolution in complexity. Fossils of plated and unplated chitons showed that ancestral forms were more complex than living forms, and larval forms more complex than the adults. Neither case provides empirical evidence that unguided, blind processes of evolution are capable of generating complex specified information. The conclusions that Stephen Meyer draws in Darwin’s Doubt continue, then, to be supported by new evidence. Mollusks are but one phylum of nearly twenty whose abrupt appearance complete with complex tissues, organs and hierarchical structures defy Darwinian mechanisms. http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/11/cambrian_explos_2078971.html bornagain77
Several years ago I once shared an office with an adjunct professor who was Jewish. We used to have some fun discussions about various things. One day we started to discuss faith. One of the points he made is you cannot have faith without doubt. One does not have faith that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. One has knowledge for that. But there are certain things that will never be completely knowable and for which there will always be doubt and for that one needs faith. This condition of our world, the need for faith, seemed to be planned as an essential of our existence. One of the other things relevant to this that we discussed was that there always seemed to be a divide on key issues in the world. And faith and doubt were part of this divide. Because there never was going to be certainty on a lot of things, this divide was also part of the nature of our existence. Because there was doubt, people took different sides but each in a sense thought that their faith as a result of this doubt was correct or the better side. So we will always have a contentious society as each of us defends his or her side of the doubt. Will Provine was a sort of honest atheist and Darwinist when he said he had faith that his beliefs were correct. He could not offer up anything but deep time to support his beliefs in naturalized evolution but he did say it depended upon faith. Doubt and faith are essentially flip sides of the same process. If people have doubts, many end up eventually choosing a side but far more will go with the flow of what many are choosing at the moment. Atheism is a popular fad today with little to support it but it is popular. As a result, we have a society today where there is relatively little faith in God, especially amongst the young. Five hundred years ago it was just the opposite. In five hundred years from now, it could flip again just as dramatically. At the time or our discussion I had never heard of Kierkegaard but maybe my Jewish friend had. jerry

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