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Quote of the Day

“Only the deepest of the corrupt pretend that the nature of a thing killed changes based on the sound of the syllables a mouth utters to name it.”
Edward H. Sisson, commenting on the use of the word “fetus” to describe a pre-born human.
Doctors no longer take the Hippocratic oath, part of which vowed to never perform an abortion. Now doctors kill every age bracket. Probably should change the job title to "executioner." EricMH
The Red Cross demanding branches to remove crucifixes may very well be telling also. Or somehow Rouffart is right, who said: “I think it’s a storm in a teacup.” Origenes
A telling point, Barry. Very telling, indeed, imho. Axel
Re: 2 Actually, I greeted my pregnant wife that way on more than one occasion. She laughed, if she wasn't throwing up. I'll go back to lurking now. UD Editors: So she understood you were joking, not attempting to dehumanize your baby. The point stands. BigGaloot
"Hi Hon, I'm home; how's the fetus?" Said no expectant father to his pregnant wife ever. Barry Arrington
Only the deepest of the corrupt pretend that "birth control" pills do not cause abortions. Erasmus Wiffball

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