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“. . . even an infinity of universes would amount, ontologically speaking, to an infinity of unnecessary contingencies, an infinite reiteration of the mystery of existence.”

David Bentley Hart (emphasis in the original)

OT: If Marshall himself (a Darwinist) disregards 'small shelly fossils' as antecedent to the Cambrian explosion, why does he expect Stephen Meyer to do regard them as antecedent? More on Small Shelly Fossils and the Length of the Cambrian Explosion: A Concluding Response to Charles Marshall - Stephen C. Meyer October 23, 2013 Excerpt: Marshall himself, like many other Cambrian experts, does not regard the small shelly fossils as obviously ancestral to most of the animals that arise in the main explosive period of the Cambrian radiation. In one 2006 paper he depicts them as (apparently) disconnected from the later more significant pulses of morphological innovation.6 In fact, Marshall notes repeatedly that the small shelly fossils are "largely problematic" and "hard to diagnosis even at the phylum level."7 Moreover, in a technical article published in 2010, Marshall specifically excludes the small shelly fossils from the ten million year "geologically abrupt appearance of fossils representing quite disparate body plans" that he and co-author James Valentine designate "as the Cambrian explosion."8 - http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/10/more_on_small_s078251.html Welcome to the Darwinian world of surreal science! bornagain77
OT: In The Happy Atheist, PZ Myers Offers One Lousy Bargain - Casey Luskin - October 21, 2013 Excerpt: what PZ is really saying comes down to this (again, my characterization): "I won't make the crazy claim that Christianity is compatible with serial killing, if you won't make the reasonable and justified claim that Christianity is compatible with science since, after all, it (Christianity) pretty much gave birth to science." That seems like a pretty lousy bargain. http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/10/in_the_happy_at078121.html bornagain77
From my most recent blog here: http://woodstock.patch.com/groups/cross-roads-of-faith/p/multiverse-a-note-on-the-difference-between-observation-and-speculation "If, after all, anything is possible, then an all-powerful God is possible. If an all-powerful God exists in any universe, then by His very nature He exists in them all. That includes this one." johnp
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semi-OT: ExploreGod.com is an AMAZING resource. Check it out! http://www.exploregod.com/ bornagain77

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