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Quote of the Day: Re Darwin’s Coyne reduced to channelling Holocaust denial

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From Humbled, in response to “Coyne sinks to a new low: compares Dembski to a Holocaust denier.”:

Coyne is headed, if not already there, in the same direction to that of Dawkins. Started out with some interesting, albeit flawed, arguments but his blind adherence to materialism, and his hate for all things God, has impaired his ability to think critically. His posts these days amount to nothing more than emotional rants, flawed arguments, poor reasoning and terrible science.

Look, there are actual Holocaust deniers out there, like there are actual drug dealers and murderers for hire out there.

That said, the surest sign of someone losing a serious argument about facts in science—the relationship between information theory and Darwinian theory, just for example—is if he is spouting rubbish implications, where the subject he himself raises is irrelevant to the questions anyway.

When I was a kid, some people threatened by new ideas used to accuse the people who introduced them of being “communists.” Maybe some of those people were communists. But you’d never have known for sure from listening to their accusers.

Come to think of it, Godwin’s Law: As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

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"News sinks to a new low: compares Holocaust deniers to murderers and drug dealers" JWTruthInLove

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