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Quotes from William Dembski’s Being as Communion

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Being as Communion (Ashgate Science and Religion Series) Here, at Goodreads, to get you started:

To exist is to be in communion, and to be in communion is to exchange information. Accordingly, the fundamental science, indeed the science that needs to ground all other sciences, is a theory of communication, and not, as is widely supposed, an atomistic, reductionistic, and mechanistic science of particles or other mindless entities, which then need to be built up to ever greater orders of complexity by equally mindless principles of association, known as natural laws or algorithms or emergent properties or principles of self-organization.2 Within such a theory of communication, the proper object of study is not particles, but the information that passes between entities—entities in turn defined by their ability to communicate information. More.

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William Dembski Being as Communion

Is it indeed possible that this communication idea is a trumping idea! I speculate it is but it would be a great paradigm change. The fall of Newtons mechanical world, As einstein documented in his book, has now a possible fall in the whole universe. the clue to me is that the bible says this. It says life is not held by parts but by Gods actual spirit. His shadow came upon the universe. So a perfect fixing of the parts of a dead/decayed biological thing would still not resurrect it. Science fiction would be wrong in so many stories. It could be in our time a great idea in science. Dembski etc could get the rewards of this accomplishment. Robert Byers

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