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“Race realism” (Darwinian racism) pops up again: the John Derbyshire commemorative edition


Recently, we noted a PhD candidate in genetics, Razib Khan, holding forth for Darwin at a conservative thinkmag (National Review steps on Darwin’s rake every few years, it seems). Well then it turned out the guy has apparent racist links. Enough anyway to be a warning flag.

And, wouldn’t you know, a staunch Darwinist who left National Review under just such a cloud is now speaking up for him, as we learn:

Derbyshire was our antagonist at National Review, blazing away at “Creationists,” some years ago. That was before he rode off, leaving mainstream conservatism behind, on a horse called “Race Realism.” His writing now appears at racialist publications including VDare, Taki’s Magazine, and The Unz Review. The last is particularly vile, but Derbyshire runs his pieces at all three…

If you are going to argue for turning the mute button on against those who say biology gives evidence of design, excluding them as discussion partners, you do need to examine your own associations pretty carefully. Khan, it seems, has failed to do that. He wrote regularly for the Unz website, a home to sickeningly racist and anti-Semitic material, and his name still appears on their homepage…

Khan’s association with the alt-right, and Derbyshire’s, is not by chance. The thread of what the racist Right calls “Race Realism” has never been completely absent from Darwinian theorizing from Darwin himself down to today. See our colleague Richard Weikart’s book From Darwin to Hitler for more about this persistent taint. Derbyshire calls the opposite view “Race Denial,” which is another way of saying that the “denier” rejects racism. If you want to call it that, I’m glad to be a “denier.” David Klinghoffer, “The Return of John Derbyshire” at Evolution News and Science Today

Klinghoffer, tell Derbyshire he needs a louder mike. He should go tell it on the mountain. Worldwide.

Maybe the explanation is simpler than we suppose: People who are looking for the subhuman but can’t seem to definitely locate him in the past are compelled to look for him in the present.

Anyway, the good news is, you needn’t believe us if they are telling you themselves.

See also: Darwinian conservative has a troubling history re racist links Every so often, for whatever reason, a US conservative thinkmag steps on Darwin’s rake.

In any Darwinian scheme, someone must be the subhuman. Otherwise, there is no beginning to human history.


Was Neanderthal man fully human? The role racism played in assessing the evidence

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I would note that 100 years ago Irish CATHOLICS (or which I am one), where KNOWN to be drunken idiots and career criminals. The "draft riots" in New York City during the Civil War were riots by Irish Catholics who were fed up with being drafted to fight a war they didn't believe in. (Throughout the country, Irishmen were employed in jobs deemed too dangerous for expensive slaves. So the Civil War was about freeing even more Black men to steal bottom of the barrel jobs from Irishmen.) But the Irish Leadership began a nationwide program telling Irishmen to get their acts together and stop behaving like drunken hooligans. They were specifically told to "become White". And in 1928, the Irish leadership achieved their goal by getting Al Smith (?!!), a bona fide Irish American Catholic, named as Democratic candidate for Prez o' US. Smith was decisively defeated. (Note that any number of NON-Catholic Irish, including such men as Andrew Jackson, were always treated as normal people by American Protestant voters.) What has NOT happened since the Watts Riots in 1965 is ANY appeal by national leadership to tell African-Americans to get their act and start behaving like normal Americans. And so Detroit has destroyed itself (um, in several neighbors of the city you will NOT get ANY police or ambulances if you call 911...) and is apparently expecting the rest of the country to subsidize them to a level where they feel comfortable. Any number of other cities, including St. Louis-East St. Louis, are in the same boat: the city governments have worked to DRIVE OUT businesses and then complain about the declining tax base... vmahuna
daveS, Ah, I see. No wonder there are so many problems in the world. Lots of people won't turn the page. Andrew asauber
asauber, I live about a mile from a pretty dysfunctional reservation. It's depressing to see so much human potential wasted. Alcohol abuse is rampant, and as a consequence, our local law enforcement spends a disproportionate amount of time and money on problems involving the res. I suspect if their ancestors were not killed, harassed, and kicked off their land by my ancestors, everyone would be better off, including myself. daveS
"I (as an American with European ancestry) am paying a price today" DaveS, What price is that? Andrew asauber
And what are you supposed to do with superiority?
Certainly people could try to kill each other off, and the most powerful group will usually win. We are gradually realizing this may not be in our (or our descendants') best interests, however. I (as an American with European ancestry) am paying a price today for the brutality of my well-armed ancestors toward indigenous people, for example. Not as great a price as that the indigenous groups paid, obviously. daveS
Evolution has racism baked right into it. Example: One group of humanity is going to change and develop advantages over another in a competition for survival. It's superiority. And what are you supposed to do with superiority? What naturally occurs? Andrew asauber
Before swallowing the IQ & race Kool Aid, we should note that Cicero remarked that white northern Europeans went cheap at the Roman slave markets because of their slowness of brain. Epigenetics & culture call the tune, not race. The fact that female African-Americans are four times more likely to score very high on IQ tests than AA males shows the same, as both groups have similar genes. But as I know from personal experience, AA females are far less subject to mockery & bullying for academic excellence than AA males. anthropic
Oh, on the Racism stuff. I also read, and strongly believe, the writings of Charles Murray, who was WIDELY condemned for writing "The Bell Curve" back when I was in college, and Professor Murray didn't yet have his PhD. What he PROVED in "Bell Curve", and has CONTINUOUSLY reinforced over the last 40 years, is the Standard Distribution of IQ varies by RACE. In general, IQs of people of European descent have a Mean of 100 and a Standard Deviation of 15. I think you have to have an IQ more than 3 Standard Deviations above Normal (45 points, IQ>145) to be a "Genius". However, people of African descent (I think North Africans get included in "European") have a Mean IQ = 85 and a Standard Deviation of 10. So any number of "Normal" Europeans (with IQs of 130) would rank as African geniuses. And any number of "Normal" Africans would rank darn close to "Moron" (since IQ = 55 would still be classed as Normal). But this has been researched and reported MANY many times, and, like Intelligent Design, it CAN'T be true (otherwise "Affirmative Action" is in fact Racial Discrimination). And even if it IS true, WHY WOULD YOU BRING IT UP? I've read 4 of Professor Murray's books, including "Coming Apart" in which he shows, through statistics generated by various Government agencies, that the social programs stupidly enacted since the 1960s are DESTROYING American society. Murray offers NO HOPE for preventing the USA from becoming Somalia, or perhaps Mexico or Venezuela (from a government effectiveness/economic health point of view). This because what should have been the next generation of the Middle Class has instead adopted the "Urban Contemporary" lifestyle: drop out before finishing high school, produce children without the benefit of marriage (this is VITAL: any child without 2 parents is worth PILES of State and Federal money every single month), refuse work when it is offered (getting PAID reduces your welfare checks), and supplement your income by committing crimes (on average, individuals now being convicted and sent to prison for a felony have PREVIOUSLY committed 100 OTHER felonies for which the government did not convict them). So, I mean facts is facts. But WHY would you wanna BRING IT UP? (Oh, statistical analysis also shows that "North Asians" have a IQs significantly higher than Europeans.) vmahuna
I go to Unz.com every day to read the News. I skip more than half of their articles, mostly because I'm not interested in the topics. I was going to comment on Derbyshire's recent article THERE, but there are already hundreds of comments. So it ain't worth my time. Part of what Derbyshire says is that Razib Khan is a close family friend (and neighbor?). And that Khan is a REALLLLLLLY smart guy. So Derbyshire doesn't see a need to do ANY personal research before condemning things condemned by Khan. There are some people so stupid that they CAN'T be saved. (Note: DUMB people simply need to take off their shoes to count to 12. STUPID people can have an IQ of 120 and a degree in Engineering. Dumb people say, "Oh, sorry." when you point out their mistake. Stupid people try to get you thrown off the project.) But I BELIEVE in Intelligent Design, and have Believed for at least 10 years. Bishop Sheen, who had a TV show on WGN when I was in school, wrote in one of his books that Scripture was like a ladder that you needed to climb to the roof of Faith. But once you are STANDING on the Roof, you don't need the ladder any more. I keep all my ID books on the shelf for reference on details, but I have no Doubt of the main points of the Theory and don't see me climbing back down the ladder any time soon. vmahuna

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