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Ray Kurzweil was a great inventor but a lousy prophet

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Maybe there is a relationship. John Stossel writes,

Ray Kurzweil — inventor of things like machines that turn text into speech — has popularized the idea that we are rapidly approaching “the singularity,” the point at which machines not only think for themselves but develop intellectually faster than we.

At that point, maybe we no longer talk about “human history.” It will be “machine progress,” with us along for the ride — if machines keep us around. Maybe they’ll keep us in a zoo, like we do with our monkey ancestors.

Scientists and ethicists are beginning to wrestle with the question of how to make sure artificial intelligence, when it arrives, is nice to us.

The overlooked problem is that, apart from the fact that machines lack consciousness (and no one knows what it is anyway), they also lack motivation to do anything in particular. They are designed by humans to do something.

More realistic worry: The people behind the machines may be smarter than we are and may be up to no good. It happens.

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again the computer is just a memory machine. Thats all. if memory is intelligence then machines can be intelligent. if memory is just memory then they can't. They can't. mankind has not realized mankind uses its memory for most of what we do. We only think a little. computers are boring visual books. they have no thoughts. None. they are as dumb as a rock. Robert Byers
@2,3 -- it's still merely one among various opinions on the subject. Panpsychism is the only coherent position that has a chance of growing into a science someday. nightlight
Silly autocorrect, Nightlight I meant ;) humbled
" That’s not a fact but an opinion." Nightlife, I would argue it was common sense? humbled
nightlight, has your toaster been talking to you recently? It's not the toaster, you know. Talk to someone. News
the fact that machines lack consciousness That's not a fact but an opinion. nightlight

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