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Reptile’s chewing habits raise doubts about reptile-mammal differences

complex chewing not linked to high metabolism?/Undy, Fotolia

From “Iconic New Zealand Reptile Shows Chewing Is Not Just for Mammals” (ScienceDaily, May 29, 2012), we learn,

The tuatara, an iconic New Zealand reptile, chews its food in a way unlike any other animal on the planet — challenging the widespread perception that complex chewing ability is closely linked to high metabolism.

Using a sophisticated computer model, scientists from UCL and the University of Hull demonstrate how the tuatara is able to slice its food like a “steak knife.” The tuatara’s complex chewing technique raises doubts about the supposed link between chewing and high metabolism in mammals.

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Incidentally, in this case, the computer model is not an attempt to bypass reality:

“It allows us to investigate movements within skulls that would be impossible to monitor in a live animal without using harmful X-rays which is not an option for protected species like the tuatara.”

The tuatara is a living fossil (so called) and is found with dinos in the fossils. It suggests perhaps not that reptiles chew like mammals but that their are no such divisions in nature as reptiles and mammals. I mean the only reason its known this creature chews this way is because one can study it. Otherwise it would of been presumed to eat like other "reptiles". so why not carry this point to dinosaurs or anything now extinct but put into the group of REPTILES. The only reason they know how dinos chewed is because they presume they are reptiles and chew like reptiles. Now they should have the option they all chewed like tuataras or there is no ideas how they chewed. Computer models apply within!Robert Byers
June 9, 2012
02:57 AM

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