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Research into Neanderthal toolmaking suggests that most were right-handed

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And that they customized their tools hundreds of thousands of years ago:

Uomini’s work showed that the way in which a knapper struck the tool with a hammerstone to remove flakes was a good indicator of whether the tool was meant to be used by a right- or left-hander: The toolmaker removed flakes in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on the handedness of the person for whom the tool was intended. The tools were also blunted on one side to make them more comfortable to hold by either a right or left hand—much as right- and left-handed scissors have different handle shapes.

Archaeologist Olaf Jöris, a colleague of Uomini’s, applied this research to an assemblage of Neanderthal stone tools from Germany and found that at least 85 percent of those tools were made for right-handers, while some appear to have been modified specifically for left-handers. That work hasn’t been published yet.

Anna Goldfield, “The Neanderthal Arm—Hints About Handedness” at Sapiens

These are not the Neanderthals of the late twentieth century. Those were incredibly stupid brutes. Funny how much Neanderthals have learned in only a couple of decades…

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why?


Was Neanderthal man fully human? The role racism played in assessing the evidence

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Mind you there was no recognition that Darwinian thinking probably led to the sub-human assumptions of the last 150 years.
Probably because it was more due to the theist idea of human exceptionalism. If the palaeontologist were not classifying them as fully human then they must be inferior to humans. Brother Brian
I went to the Canadian Museum of History yesterday to see their exhibit on Neanderthals. It was okay, but fully half the exhibit was about how we used to demean the Neanderthals, but that we are now learning how smart and human-like they really were. It looked like a scientific apology to me. Mind you there was no recognition that Darwinian thinking probably led to the sub-human assumptions of the last 150 years. The current artists' sketches and model of Neanderthals look like regular folk. You could pass them on the street and not think twice. The big mystery now is apparently why they went extinct; lots of theories, little hard data. Fasteddious
Just like humans... right? Mark from CO

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