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Researchers: Consciousness “something of a side effect” of entropy in the universe


From Chelsea Gohd at Futurism:

Our species has long agonized over the concept of human consciousness. What exactly causes it, and why did we evolve to experience consciousness? Now, a new study has uncovered a clue in the hunt for answers, and it reveals that the human brain might have more in common with the universe than we could have imagined.

According to a team of researchers from France and Canada, our brains might produce consciousness as something of a side effect of increasing entropy, a process that has been taking place throughout the universe since the Big Bang. More.

The research is based on a small study done on epileptics. If the theory that consciousness is a natural side effect of increasing entropy, we should expect that rocks have minds too, and indeed, stymied by the concept of consciousness, some materialists do claim that now (panpsychism).

No one is expected to account for the fact that we do not see any evidence for intelligent rocks. But post-modern naturalism has passed beyond the need for evidence anyway.

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The illusion of consciousness sees through itself.

human brain might have more in common with the universe than we could have imagined These kinds of people are really funny. A brain, composed of matter, expending energy, functioning in time, taking up space, has a lot incommon with the universe. Some whiz bang pop science here. Oh and don't forget the "imagine" part, a "brain" can make an image for the mind to contemplate, but not a good enough one to imagine itself in the universe creating consciousness out of nothing more than brain cells. But there is a true part. How mind came to be IS beyond imagination, so I hesitate to be cruel to to these scientismists, if there is such a word. groovamos

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