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Researchers: Life could get started quite easily in our Cosmic Zoo

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At NDPI Life:

The Cosmic Zoo: The (Near) Inevitability of the Evolution of Complex, Macroscopic Life

William Bains and Dirk Schulze-Makuch

Abstract: Life on Earth provides a unique biological record from single-cell microbes to technologically intelligent life forms. Our evolution is marked by several major steps or innovations along a path of increasing complexity from microbes to space-faring humans. Here we identify various major key innovations, and use an analytical toolset consisting of a set of models to analyse how likely each key innovation is to occur. Our conclusion is that once the origin of life is accomplished, most of the key innovations can occur rather readily. The conclusion for other worlds is that if the origin of life can occur rather easily, we should live in a cosmic zoo, as the innovations necessary to lead to complex life will occur with high probability given sufficient time and habitat. On the other hand, if the origin of life is rare, then we might live in a rather empty universe. (public access) More.

<em>Coffee</em> Tins The problem with this type of analysis is that we have a probability of 1 for lots of life on Earth and not a single verified instance of life elsewhere. It’s a sophisticated, updated version of the Drake equation.

If, by contrast, we had 1500 planets with some form of life, we might be able to develop decision-making tools to address 150,000 others.

These speculations are interesting and worthwhile but for now they must remain speculations. Incidentally, this particular speculation implies a law-like underpinning of the universe. We shall see.

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See also: Did Viking discover life on Mars forty years ago? Rob Sheldon, our favorite physics commentator (and physics colour commentator), has long believed that Viking did find such evidence on Mars.

Does nature just “naturally” produce life?


What we know and don’t know about the origin of life

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One Reply to “Researchers: Life could get started quite easily in our Cosmic Zoo

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    serious123 says:

    Real dry presentation.

    I find the various projections based on how many planets there are to completely miss the reality of what Life is.

    We’re not looking for a rock shaped like an airplane. Thats mildly complex a shape for a rock. Ive never seen one but perhaps you have. Now because there are many planets, the chances of finding a planet with one might be good if the planet is rocky and has erosion.

    How about a rock that is virtually identical to your mom’s face. Even more complex. I suppose if you got just the combination of events– water splashing around, wind hitting at just the right angles, the rock chipping from falls, it might happen twice if there were a lot of planets with like circumstances but I’d bet most people would say it probably wouldn’t happen twice even though it cannot spring forth out of the ground, walk and talk, and perhaps compose a Symphony. Its just a rock.

    But there is something incredibly strange that happens when the subject is US.

    We’re the thing we’re looking for ……..so objectivity is lost. The object we’re really looking for though is The Most Complex Self Replicating Molecular Computer Code in all of Existence composed of the reigning heavy weight state of the art champ improbable series of chemical chains known in the state of Ohio…………no not Ohio, ……reality.

    Counting the number of planets doesnt even begin to comprehend the gravity of the situation. These probabilities are why we know there’s a Creator. There’s simply not enough particles in the entire universe, let alone planets, to reasonably face those odds.

    The deck is stacked no matter what because if there were another planet that contained another of these mind blowing molecular computer codes that eventually contains the precise spatial location of something like the 4 chamber heart, mapped with its exact voltage, pressure system, and the like, that would only demonstrate the universeis not only fine tuned but there’s a ” Life Principal Code” baked into it as well.

    Why the “it will change everything when humanity realizes they’re not Alone” pipe dreamers cannot read those tea leaves just demonstrates the blinders they have on. Every recent discovery and from this point forward will only serve to dig the atheist deeper into his hole. Believe that.

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