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Researchers: Neurons are programmed for long life, not like other cells

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Genetically programmed:

Most neurons are created during embryonic development and have no “backup” after birth. Researchers have generally believed that their survival is determined nearly extrinsically, or by outside forces, such as the tissues and cells that neurons supply with nerve cells.

A research team led by Sika Zheng, a biomedical scientist at the University of California, Riverside, has challenged this notion and reports the continuous survival of neurons is also intrinsically programmed during development.

The study, published in the journal Neuron, identifies a mechanism the researchers say is triggered at neuron birth to intrinsically decrease a general form of cell death — or “apoptosis” — specifically in neurons. When this genetic regulation is stopped, continuous neuronal survival is disrupted and leads to the death of the animal.

Iqbal Pittalwala, “Neurons are genetically programmed to have long lives” at University of California – Riverside

Paper. (paywall)

Funny how all those interlocking layers of specified complexity just sort of happen. Hmm.

What do you mean sort of happened!? This is completely consistent with evolution! Only the neurons that did this would’ve survived, obviously! Duh Looks guys I used evolution to explain this in a single paragraph I didn’t even have to take a science course or read the actual science article, this is literally the basis of all evolutionary thought Now all we need is the evolutionary pathway here we go obviously it was to make sure that the organism could retain its memory over a long period of time which felt it survive!!!!!!! Holy smokes how did I do that This obviously means this theory is strong Now to say something condescending about IDers In something crummy about religion and reference a God of gaps argument I needed this I feel super smart now I’m a go smoke a cigarette AaronS1978

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