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Reviewer: Fashionable atheism has not made many inroads

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From “The Intellectual Snobbery of Conspicuous Atheism” by Emma Green, a review of British historian Peter Watson’s The Age of Atheists:

The Western world in particular is probably less religious than it was 150 years ago, and the dynamics of belief and observance have certainly become more complex—the growing number of people who are unaffiliated with a specific religion is especially fascinating. But if the age of atheism started in 1882 as Watson claims, most people still haven’t caught on.

The Age of Atheists will likely stay confined to certain intellectual circles: The casual philosopher, the dogmatic non-believer, the coffee-table book collector. But insofar as its argument represents a broader pathology in contemporary conversations about belief, this book matters. Most people form their beliefs and live their lives somewhere in the middle of the so-called “culture divide” that outspoken atheists and believers shout across. The more these shouters shout, the more public discourse veers away from the subtle struggle of the average person’s attempt to be human.

Atlantic associate editor Emma Green’s review offers many useful statistics illustrating  her point.

What’s telling is the co-option of science to promote the circus around naturalist atheism.

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3 Replies to “Reviewer: Fashionable atheism has not made many inroads

  1. 1
    KRock says:

    “The Age of Atheists will likely stay confined to certain intellectual circles”

    That’s because atheism doesn’t quench the spiritual thirst that human beings have from all corners of the world. There is a void within all humans, and atheism just doesn’t fill it.

  2. 2
    Axel says:

    It does fill the void in their cranium, though.

  3. 3
    johnp says:

    Sure, as long as they don’t think about or investigate the reasons that make it false.

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