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Richard John Neuhaus, 1936-2009



Requiescat in pace

I had the honor to meet Father Neuhaus a couple of times. He was an amazing brilliant person. His was a major postive contribution to the intellectual life of the world! He was totally authentic in every area of his life. DonaldM
Hello Everyone, Upon hearing the news, my gut reaction was: What? That can't be right! How can we go on without someone who can unpack complex social issues so clearly? The human mind is a mystery, as we have discussed on and off on this blog. When someone with such a great mind leaves us, I can be absolutely sure of one thing: the vacuum left behind is more than just a collection of randomly moving molecules. Fr. Neuhaus, may you rest in peace. EndoplasmicMessenger
Wow. That's sad. I love first things, and I just read "The Naked Public Square" this last semester for my Religion and Politics class, and used it for one of my papers. It was a fantastic, well-thought-out book. This is truly a loss. johnnyb
I look forward to reading First Things every month and have for three years. Just five minutes ago opened the new February issue and as always, look forward to peering into the minds of some very formidable thinkers. It is an indispensable resource for those interested in culture, whether leaning conservative or liberal. ( I started reading it when I was liberal and have since crossed over that divisive line, which is why I recommend it to my liberal friends; they would subsequently realize that I am not crazy. ). I suspect First Things will continue it's excellent tradition since Father Neuhaus valued content and the fair exchange of ideas. I will miss The Public Square and also the influence he has had in this country. toc
His was a first class mind, which is why his magazine was first class. Also, "The Naked Public Square" was a classic. Yes, RJN was fair to the intelligent design project. StephenB
Correction to last post: "I urge all UD readers ... to avail themselves ..." T. Timaeus
News of the death of R. J. Neuhaus gave me a sudden jolt. I had not realized that he was ill. It is hard to imagine First Things without his editorial and literary presence. I have subscribed to it for a few years now, and it is a magazine well worth reading, not only because it has been one of the few American magazines that has given ID a fair shake, but because of its superb treatment of the general subject of religion in the public square. I hope that the journal will continue. I urge all UD readers who consider themselves "conservative" in any sense (theological, political, ethical, cultural, etc.) will avail themselves of a free sample copy (which FT usually sends on request), and then subscribe to it. It's a great institution which should be kept alive. T. Timaeus

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