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Richard Weikart: Is life a cosmic accident?


Richard Weikart (Ucal Stanislaus) studies how naturalism (nature is all there is), often called “materialism,” affects our thinking:

Since the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, atheist and agnostic thinkers (i.e., materialists and positivists) have considered everything, including humans, as merely the product of accidental processes. This means that human life no longer has any value or moral significance. This talk examines the way that many thinkers, such as the eminent British philosopher Bertrand Russell, espoused this view, but also contradicted themselves by implying that humans are important.Richard Weikart, “Is Human Life a Cosmic Accident?: Atheists’ Contradictory Position” at Forum of Christian Leaders Post-Forum Seminar

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If all life on earth were extinguished, and if life on earth is unique, then the universe would essentially cease to exist. When we imagine the universe carrying on without us, we imagine it would look just as it does now .... but it wouldn't. It would not 'look' like anything. There would be no experience of light, shape or colour in the universe - these are subjective experiences created by sentient minds. Nor would it 'sound', 'smell', 'feel' or 'taste' like anything. In fact, remove sentient beings from the universe, and (according to some quantum physicists) the universe would revert to being a mass of mathematical probability functions. I have my own pet conspiracy theory about this. The evidence is that it is only through sentient minds (ours and other earth dwellers) that the universe has any existence at all. We are THE most important part of the universe! Yet we are constantly being told my materialist 'experts' that we are pathetic specks of worthlessness. I believe these 'experts' are - knowingly or not - part of an agenda. The mega-rich who run our society WANT people to feel powerless, worthless, and depressed. Because then they will rush out to buy some of Big Business's toys and trinkets in order to cheer themselves up - for a while. IOW this constant 'devaluing of humanity' is really, really good for business! Charles Birch
Hence why we matter we are here now and we are aware of that. We disappear, meaning goes with it But what’s even more important is what you say there if there’s no other consciousness in the universe then there would be no one to mourn us. That’s a very important comment. And the reason why is because that is actually one of the big points that is made for the existence of God. You need God to create that meaning. Now I’m not trying to tell you that God exists even though I do believe in God. But I am emphasizing the importance of that comment and what it does mean to a lot of people that God has to exist or in this case a designer. It is of the upmost importance to them because it defines their existence Now again I’m not saying this is proof positive of anything I’m just emphasizing why it’s important for people to have that belief in God. I’ve been talking way too much on this site I need to take a break I apologize to anybody I have annoyed AaronS1978
AW1978 @ 1, If there is no other consciousness in the universe, then there isn't anything left to know that we were ever here. There wouldn't be anything that would care if the universe were alive or dead. There wouldn't be anyone or anything that would give importance to life's existence or mourn its loss or non-existence. EDTA
Very interesting video I enjoyed it I had a thought. There’s a problem with the logic of thinking that we are nothing more than insignificance speck and if we disappeared tomorrow the universe would be no different This can’t be true Take for example we might be the only life in this universe which is starting to look like a very real possibility If we disappeared tomorrow then with it also goes the last chances of intelligent life and possibly life as well We are literally the difference between a dead universe and a universe that could fill itself with life becoming a living universe, like a small seed growing into a tree into a great tree. That would make us the most important thing this universe has ever seen. Even the smallest pebble can create a ripple that can turn into a title wave. Everybody is important whether you believe it or not. AaronS1978

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